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I'm sure I've asked about this before but can't find the relevant thread.

Trainz will not open because I don't have d3dx9_42.dll.....can anybody help ?
Thanks for the rapid reply kind sir.....I vaguely remember having this problem before.....I've carried out the instructions but this time my computer is unable to communicate with trainz ?
OK - I need to check something.

Does this error appear before the Launcher can appear or after you've clicked Start?

OK - the likely cause is that your settings in the Trainz Options box have reset. Check these to make sure they are correct for your system.

Also, while you are at it, also check what oknotsen has suggested (which is relevant to all Trainz versions)

Hello Shane....I adjusted my screen res in the options box and I am up and running again although I was able to use the smaller res when taking screenshots.I don't know why it still wouldn't open under that setting.

Anyway the help is much appreciated and the problem appears to be solved.

oknotsen.....thanks for taking the time to help with this issue.....regards hotgrove.