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Hi there. Can anyone help me with road crossings. I can get signals to work but can not get traffic stoppers to work. Tried many times and still no luck. Think i am doing it right!!!!!! Stuck!!!!
This might help.

My only criticism on the process is I do not "make up" a number. I use a specific sequence in a particular area when I have lots of ATLS crossing.

Let's say I'm working on the Amesbury branch on my route, I'll use a 200 series of numbers for that area. If I'm working on the Enfield Division, I'll use a 500 series, and so on. The problem if you make up numbers, you'll end up duplicating something somewhere and end up with conflicts.

Outside of that the video is pretty good.
Steve, if you can get the signals working you must be over half way there. Assuming you are using individual barriers and lights and not a pre-built crossing, place the stoppers adjacent to but a short distance from the track. Join your approach roads to the outer spline point on each stopper then a short length road between each inner spline points on the stopper effectively joining the two stoppers together across the track. Now drag the stoppers close to the track and align them parallel to the track and just forward of the barriers. The spline points on the stoppers are very close together and its very easy to connect to the wrong one so I tend to lay the road then drag the ends onto the spline point to connect it. Stoppers are uni-directional so if you place them to far apart and there is lots of traffic the traffic can get trapped between then. there is no direct solution other than subject to the track width trying to keep them fairly close together with a little trial and error. Peter
In this video I miss the traffic stoppers. There is no traffic either. Not very satisfactory. For years I have used ATLS crossings, the system is excellent but it is quite a lot of work to set them up properly.
And then I stumbled on the TRC system of vincentrh. It took a little effort to understand and try out its workings. Allthough you may still need ATLS somewhere, TRC is easy to set up, works perfectly, elegant (rather French actually, sorry boat).
Look up 'vincent's workshop' or https:/
Hi there, thanks for your help as I really appreciate it. Still struggling but I am getting there, lol. Thanks, Steve
Hi there, thanks for your help as I really appreciate it. Still struggling but I am getting there, lol. Thanks, Steve.
There is my ATLS Advanced demo on the DLS. It was put together with lots of various ways to use ATLS and for different purposes. It shows the assets used in each of the different set ups and is for breaking up to see how they are put together. ATLS has a the ability to create some very complicated set ups as shown in the bridge, boat, train and cars set up on a single lane/track lifting bridge.