Could sum1 help me!!!!


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Could sum1 plz tell me or show me how to reskin trains apart from paintshed because i want to put the monorail cars into the arriva livery.Like this.:):):).Plz
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A qoute from a previous post of mine:
The image files are normally in .tga format.If you want to reskin a specific type of loco that isn't in paintshed,you'll have to find the loco(in CMP),then click on "Edit in Explorer" the search for xxxxxxxxxx_body, and then you will find the .tga files.
You need a free program off the internet called dxtbmp. Use Content Manager to get the KUIDs of the downloads you intend to reskin and then open them up in dxtbmp. You then use the aforementioned program to open up your files into MS Paint or whatever paint program you specify.

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Hi everybody! Could anybody help me? I'm searching for a loco wich looks like model of CC1103 but it's bigger, green and has more levers on the wheels. Plz help me to found it , or if that loco really exist write the name of it plz
kubeK13 u posted that in the wrong place try and putit in surveyors,operators and engineers forum. Sum1 cud help u on that loco.:y: