Content Search/Route Advice Required Please


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Hi all,

I'm looking for a light source to place in Surveyor that provides a kind of yellowy/orange glow/light rather than the white light many Lamps/Lights give in Trainz. Something like you might get from a Paraffin Lamp or a very old fashioned light bulb. A light that 'flickers' would also be very helpful.

I've searched on the DLS but the descriptions provided rarely describe the colour of the light.

Can anybody suggest some content?

Also, and these may be some more of my famous 'obviouse questions', If I up load a route with a strongly tainted water colour and set at night, will the route automatically appear with these settings when downloaded from the DLS or will each User have to re-set them on their own system?

Thanks for your help

If you change the water, then this setting stays, however the night setting has to be done in a session. The easiest way to do this, is to make a 'base' session, and add it's kuid to the layout kuid-table.