Concrete tracks?


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Hi, all.

I was wondering if there's any good concrete tracks out there? I have the MP / MB Concrete one. I remember seeing one I really liked on a Spanish site, but the gauge is wrong for North American tracks. I placed my trains on it and the track was too wide. I think it was broad gauge 1600mm something track.

Is there any correct North American gauge concrete track that looks like this?



Let me know!
Have you actually tried searching? Just by typing 'concrete' in CMP (or surveyor) I can find lots of concrete track.
Yes, I have.

However, the few that I found that might fit the bill... I'm not sure if they're high poly or low poly tracks. I need low poly tracks in urban areas and maybe high poly tracks in rural areas. Does anybody know which of these DLS concrete tracks are poly-wise?

Here's one that I like (KUID)...


Here's the Spanish track (2nd one down from the top) and click on the picture to enlarge the view...

I'd like that kind of track without the ugly mini-wire in the center of it. Unfortunately the one that doesn't have the ugly wire is the broad gauge one. The reason why I'm looking for such a specific kind of concrete track is because I'd like to resume building of my Boston metropolitan railroad (trolley and commuter rail). Incidentally, the commuter rail runs on the NEC corridor which uses tracks pretty much exactly like the one on the Spanish site.
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The problem with searching is that some good track is in other languages and "concrete" won't find non-english concrete track.

I never made concrete track because I didn't know how to texture the ties properly. If you want to try making your own low-poly chuncky track, I do have the layered files you would just have to change the tie texture.

Now the track in the second picture with the dip in the middle, that has to be molded, I have seen some but usually they are in non-English.

Maybe try one of the language translators, get CONCRETE translated into German, Spanish, etc. and search DLS by description using the translation.
German = BETON
Spanish = Concreto
Italian = CONCRETO
French = BÉTON
Japanese = コンクリート
Arabic = الاسمنت.
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Thanks, gfisher. I'll look into that track.

I'm looking for these "dip"-style concrete tracks to simulate the NEC trackage. Does anybody know if there's any decent "dip" concrete tracks on the DLS or from another site? Keep in mind, I need standard USA gauge, not broad gauge.
Something like that, yes, without the gravel in the middle. The NEC trackage doesn't have gravel covering the ties.

Although I could use that track in the picture for tracks under maintainence (track testing or re-gravelling) or dis-used trackage.
How about this?


Both those tracks come included with TRS2006.
BTW your first pic has ballast covered sleepers, hence my first pic.