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Ok, its a little late to think about this, but a friend and I were looking at a chinese sy locomotive. We were amazed at the price of which it was sold to another railroad in China. And as we thought about it a question came to mind. Will the market for Chinese steam ever increase or will it die quickly?

So Im asking you all for some input onto this issue. Please try to be sensible as we all know what happens when patriotic Americans and Communist China mix:'( .
As a patriotic American, I have to beat my chest, wave my flag and say, "If we don't get them from China, who else even makes them?"
A tourist line in Iowa bought a Chinese steamer some years ago. They seem happy with it. I suppose other heritage lines will pick up a few.
If it's from China, maybe Wal-Mart will have some next year.:D

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The Iowa Interstate also has a pair of QJ's, and RJ Corman (IIRC) bought a 3rd QJ recently.

EDIT: One thing's for sure, it's one heck of a niche market! :p
So there is a market out there for Chinese steam. They would be perfect for the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad as they have no had steam in 6 years.

We'll just have to wait and see if the market truly takes off.
1702 is supposed to be out later this year, 722 later next year, they hope for double headers by 2010.
May I remind you, Southern Railway Murphy Branch, lighter power only, Chinese steamers are too big for the line. Even the SY's.
The sy class fits perfect for them (Edit: not). The sy class fits within the loading guage of the GSMR as far as Bryson City (I think if they modified the cowee bridge:eek: ). They can be used for Balsam too as light Mikados ran over that strecth of the line. And to top it off they are a dead ringer for the Southern Ms-3 class which looked something like Kentucky & Tennessee 10 or Georgia Northern 103.:D

BTW SR6900, do you know the current loading guage of the Murphy Branch? Just curious.
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There's a Chinese 2-8-2 at Phillipsburg, NJ on the Bel-Del Excursions on the old PRR Bel-Del line south several miles. It looks just like a US model, you almost can't tell the difference. Not like the differences between US and UK or European steam. A lot of tourist RR's like Strasburg and Steamtown use Canadian steam, there's little difference there, either with US steam. You can tell CN and CP locos, though by certain features.
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Tell me something what are the guage limits like over on the otherr side of "the Pond." are familiar with the location of China, correct? "The Pond" always refers to the Atlantic Ocean, not the Pacific.

China has slightly lower clearances than the US in most areas. Chinese steamers have been imported in the past, and most likely will continue to be.