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Guys is there any way that you can change a layouts tracks without going back into it and relaying it.

i dunno if theres some proggy that can be used??

i have a bigger layout which i wanna change the tracks for but cant be arsed to relay miles and miles of track
I heard TrainzMaps or something like that can do it. It means bending over backwards and putting some effort in, but hey, you aint that young! A bit of comutational wizkid super momentum and hey, wadda you know, its all done!

Svetka good luck. Bernie
Hi Paul,

Bernie is correct. Trainz Map will change your tracks for you. Just make sure you have SP1 installed if you are using TRS2006, and the current version of TrainzMap. This fixes a bug that caused TrainzMap to fail when the track was selected.

There are a couple of additional things that I would like to mention. You'll need to disconnect and reconnect any track to interactive industry objects such as stations, industries, etc. that change their track when a spline is connected to them. The reason is that they will not change their track when TrainzMap changes the track around them.

This program will not change bridges or double-track. These objects are different than fixed-track industries so they are not affected by the track change.


yes that is one big problem of TRS2006 you cant swap things like it was in TRS2004 with TO. Yes you can switch tracks in TRS2006 with trainzmap but thats all. How about trees, buildings etc. I always use TRS2004 with T.O to change things in my TRS2006 maps. I rename the files in the route folder afther that i change all the things i need in TRS2004 afther that i rename again and copy it back to TRS2006. That is how i do it. But you also need TRS2004 and Trainzobjects for that. Its strange that it insn,t possible to change things with the CMP. I dont understand why they didnt make that option in the cmp for swapping things. The most importend option for a routebuilder is left out

Greetz laika:wave:
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