Here is me again..
I have only recently started to branch out into the world of Forums , Downloads etc. and have already learnt a lot thanks to helpful people out there so now I am going to ask for watch out..

(ahem cough cough) I have heard a lot about ccp (content creator plus?) and cmp (content manager plus?) and I would love to use them but....................I can't find them:eek: .I am using trs2004 at the moment and believe that it is called download helper there.I can't seem to do anything with it though..I hear about people editing config files , looking up faulty assets and other amazing fings with them..Also heard about Trainzobjectz and wondered where that was but now I have found , downloaded and found it very useful....

So how do I find ccp and cmp (or their trs2004 equivalents) so I can find them very useful too?

Also I v'e seen somewhere in forum I think of solutions to the problem I and others get when going into surveyor and getting a screen saying "Some custom content not installed" etc but I haven't been able to find it again. (sounds familiar).. where can I find these again please?

Thank you to all in advance and I'll be back...

signed silly old fossil..
Hi umphies - there's a Content Creator's Guide (CCG) that should be on your 2004 program disk. It's a pdf document that I suppose any of us could send you as an email attachment, but it's probably better to get it from Auran if it isn't on your disk.

I dabbled with 2004 and TrainzObjects, but did not really get into working with assets until I got going in 2006. The CMP works well for me, and it is really easy to make asset edits, find and get missing assets that are on the DLS, and so on. TO, along with DLS's download helper, was CMP's predessor, but I don't know about how equivalent they are.

Somebody much more experienced with TO than I am will discuss it, I'm sure.

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Haven't worked with CCP and don't know what it is. But, there is a CCG, content creator's guide, for 2004 - I have a copy of it. Could be that it arrived with 2006, but it says 2004 on the cover. Anyway, if I understand some of the info I've read, content creation is about the same in both versions. But, 2004 accepts a lot of errors that the 2006 CMP does not, which is why 2006 identifies so many assets built for 2004 as faulty, but that run fine without corrections when used in 2006.