cant download on my trainz 2004


ivegot trainz 2004 up and running on my laptop , but when i go into the download station i select my items as i have a fct, i the proceed to down load section push the download button but nothing happening , wot am i doing wrong ? can anyone help
Hav e you tried the FTP download?
It downloads to your downloads file in windows, then you just double click on the cdp to install into 2004.
Hi I see you have at least 5 versions of Trainz just how meny versions have got on the Laptop ?
If you have more than one version of Trainz your content may be going to one of the other versions.
Here is the solution to this problem.
Hi all I have decided to put a copy of this post here as there have been a few users who have had this problem and did not know how to solve it.
It is a well know fact that TRS2006 takes priority over downloading if you have both 06 and 04 here is the solution and instructions
You need to put in a shortcut for the Trainhelper exe for 04 on your desktop.
Go to default location local drive C Program files Auran TRS2004 Bin.
Open the 04 folder open the Bin folder locate the Trainzhelper exe.
left click to highlight then right click and select send to desktop create short cut.
Once you have done this and before you open your browser double left click on the helper shortcut to open then click save to close.
Now open your browser go to the D/S and select a file to download then select the helper and you should now find that the 04 helper opens instead of CMP.
However if you still have 06 on your PC and you run it or CMP then 06 will once again take over downloading so to get the downloads to go to 04
You then need to open and close the 04 shortcut again before you open the browser.
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