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having download the Jupiter 4-4-0 I noticed that the interior is just one of the builtin ones - looks a big strange! I have have The General which has a better interior. I have tried changing the interior on Jupiter but get run time errors - I guess it must refer to points that are different. Is there any way to use the General interior on Jupiter or would have to buid my own?
Thanks for the creators for these grate(sic) engines....:D
What is the runtime error - is it a script error like - thread ERexception nullreference at line 227 ...?

The General's interior uses a script I wrote that requires the loco have a custom script too. Ben Neal's Jupiter doesn't have it but you can add the 2 required .gs files to the loco's folder and edit the config to reference the required custom script and class.

I assume you already have changed the interior reference to the General's interior kuid.

Open the folder for the General (loco not interior) and copy and then paste the following 2 files into the folder for the Jupiter loco:

NOTE: may not be the name of the file you see in the folder - this is the name I used with one of the test locos I ran - Terry may have used a different name. I don't know if I have his latest downloads installed. If there are more than 2 .gs files there post back and let me know what version of the General you have and the .gs files you found there. I'll check it out.

Then edit the Jupiter's config and add the following 2 lines:
script "WA3SteamLocomotive0905b"
class "SteamLocomotive"

Note the script name might be different as I explained above use the actual script filename less the .gs extension here.

Save and then commit the open files in TRS2006 or delete the cache file in TRS2004 to force a refresh.

A couple of things you'll notice when you get it to run in Cab mode:
1) These scripts have an automated fireman ( software code only) to handle the shoveling so pressing the space bar won't add fuel if he's enabled and on duty. It may or may not work well with Ben's steam-engine spec. If you don't like him you can disable it when set out in Surveyor on a case by case basis. Use the ? tool to bring up the setup dialog in Surveyor. When it's disabled the loco should behave pretty much like the original although the the keyboard control will be a bit finer.

2) The latest version of the General uses a newer version of the cab script. The fireman also handes the injector and blower. This script is set to work with a slower firing rate - roughly 2 shovels per min vs 3 in the museum vesion. Again this is tied to the steam-engine spec I set up for the General so you have to see how it works with Ben's.

If you have any questions or problems post back and let me know - it will work.

Bob Pearson

PS. Has nothing to do with attachment points.
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thanks for reply

I will try as soon as pos. your very detailed solution and let you know. thanks again - this is what is really great about the Trainz community!