Bock Beer Factory


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I want to use the Bock Beer factory but cannot figure out what car to use to ship out the beer. I have tried box cars but they don't seem to be compatable. Does anyone know which car to use?
Any boxcar should work for transport of the beer, but for bringing the barley to the brewey look in built content or the DLS for gerstewagen.


i'd wish somebody would change the Commodities for that factory to reg. Beer.
Actally, if you set it up right, any Hopper, (i prefer to use the ACLX types) can carry barley.
Typically in Germany when beer is transported by rail (after being brewed) it is packed in 2 axle wagons with company advertising on the sides. These wagons have become very characteristic of breweries and are very popular with model train manufacturers. For Trainz I do believe there are some on the DLS (dunno what to search for) but I don't remember them being very good quality or being able to take products at all.