BNSF SD70 ACE Low Light


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So, I know no official support is offered for T:ANE, so if you come back with that, so be it, but figured I'd ask anyway.

Got the Model installed, with all dependencies (Your libraries seem to work fine by the by, tested on other JR Models). But this particular model throws this error, and ONLY this error, as preventing it from working:

- The Integer tag 'size' in container 'diesel' is not a valid Integer value.

I won't monkey with your scripts without some guidance, but would simply deleting that value fix this? If thats all it takes to get the model into T:ANE, this seems a ridiculously Easy fix....

Hello Falcus,

I recognize that as a TS2 Mac / Content Manager 3.8 error that can be fixed by simply changing the number associated with the error to a whole number. No decimals allowed. Open the config.txt and then change diesel number (volume) to a whole number. Save and commit.

That does the trick every time in TS2 Mac CM 3.8. Hopefully that will work for you here too.

Good luck with your TANE fix!

Best Regards and Happy Trainzing,
Well, Tried that, and it replaced that error with 116 Texture related errors instead? o.0...... Think I'll Revert to Original for now. Any other ideas of a fix would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the suggestion though!
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Yeah, that error is in a lot of Jointed Rail stuff in Tane. Esp. grain cars. I just deleted the decimal portion and all is fine.
Got it. Apparently it comes up with weird texture errors if you don't submit the changes though? After submitting the changes it only comes up with the warning for the 500+ Poly Low LOD Performance thing?

Whatever, thanks for the Help NS & Owsleyii. I hope someone notes that that seems to be an issue with not submitting changes.