Bloodnoks Signal Targets?

Hi Tony
Let's hope I'm not too old to teach!

A simple example - Train approaches a terminus station with four platforms, all of which can be accessed. Each track has a 'target' (1 to 4), and there is a Bloodnok signal on the approach. Points are set to, say, platform 3, Bloodnok signal indicates '3'. Whichever platform the route is set to, the indicator should show the correct number.

Another example - a signal, which would otherwise have a left or right feather, protects a junction for the main line and branch line. The routes have targets 'M' and 'B' respectively and the indicator will show one or the other depending on the setting of the points.

You can also use feather targets and these are repeated on the signal as appropriate. If you use letters for your targets, you can use two together, as in 'ML' for mainline, this is made up of a 1st 'M' and a 2nd 'L'. The second character can also be a digit, 1 - 9, but make sure it's a '2nd' digit.

If you've downloaded the complete pack all these options should be available to you.

I hope that makes sense, but if it doesn't answer your query then yell, but not too loadly. Us old 'ns need our beauty sleep.