Bendy Trestle


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Are there any bendy trestle's out there other than the one wawasoo made, kuid2:430547:230036:2? That one is too short for some places on one of my routes. I'M guessing that I need one about double the height of wawasoo's. Yes, I sent him a PM but have received no response at all. Would be nice to receive a reply whether it be good or bad rather than be ignored. Anyway, maybe if Ben sees this it might interest him. Thanks for your time.
Are you referring to bending a trestle spline or a pre-curved trestle? Most of my trestle splines should bend but only on a very gentle curve (and I haven't made a lot of them). Pre-curved trestles (non-splines) on the other hand are different. I've probably made close to 600 of them. 565 at one time (so many that it was referred to as a curved trestle attack, lol).

What exactly are you looking for?

If you're looking for Wooden Trestle Splines (Or if those will work) check out Colorado71's site and look under Downloads > Bridges.

If I need to have a bridge on a curve, I use Maddy25's 'Plate Girder Bridge, Bendy'. This is my preferred bridge.
Ben my friend, just as I had hoped, mention the word bridge and you chime in. Thanks. I'm looking for a spline trestle. I'm assuming, that word again, that wawasoo's trestle allowed for sharper bends but I'm not sure about that. Just to refresh your memory you made me an item that you called a loading hopper for wheat or grain. I call it a rack especially if you put several together. The kuid is 2:210518:7946:1 in case others want to check it out. I use it for a variety of things. Back to the trestle. Two routes that I have modified, Ashland Central System and Caney Fork RR use trestles that bend sharper than normal. Wawasoo's fit the bill but it's too short. I need a higher bendable trestle. I will look into your bendable trestles and see if they match the other guy's. Hang loose and I'll get back to you in this thread.
To the others who have replied, thanks. I have and use everything that you mentioned. A curved girder bridge would not look correct at this point. I use these bridges a lot in my routes.
Making a trestle spline that can bend sharply can be a bit of a problem. The (repeating) sections must be as long as the distance between bents. This is rarely less then 10 feet or more then 16 feet. This length is what limits how smooth a curve you can get with a trestle spline. The closer together the bents are the sharper the curve can be and still get a reasonably good looking curved trestle.

If you just looking for something to use in a single specific location why not opt for a fixed curved trestle? If you can't find what you need I can make it for you.

I'm back. Did some tinkering with different author's trestles and found that I can use colorado71's trestles. Both colorado71's and wawasoo's trestles I can use the straighten the track button which makes the ends look neater. If I come across a section where I can't use a spline trestle and need one built you will hear from me. Thanks for your offer. What a great forum and great people we have.
Glad you found one (whew - I'm off the hook, lol). Only kidding. making things for other Trainzers is what I do.

Bendy Trestles Obsolete?

The Bendy trestles in Phil Skene's routes are now obsolete and show as white in Trainz. Any updates to the asset to make it compliant with the lastest version of Trainz (not T:ANE)?

Thanks ; )
Wow, a thread back from the dead. I saw your video and realized that you used Colorado71's trestles. Can't wait to see how this route pans out.