Ben Neal's Steam Loco Cab Issue


Trainz Jedi
I wonder how many others attempting to reletter any of Ben Neal's 2-8-2's have this same issue. I haven't noticed it on any other of this engines, just his Baldwin and USRA Light 2-8-2's. UPDATE: until tonight, when it appeared on my Western Maryland 2-10-0 reskins.

Using the same colors for both, the cabside number is much darker and fainter than the lettering on the tender. In fact, all of the engine's lettering, aside from the numberboards, is darker and fainter. It's nearly impossible to see.

Lettering the engine file (as opposed to the number.tga file that Ben recommends using) corrects for this, but produces a whole new problem: the digits are twisted and distorted beyond being readable.



Cab of B&O 4500

On B&O 4500, NKP 587, and P&WV 1002, you can at least read the number. On this Lehigh & Hudson River reskin, the cab number doesn't even appear to be there:
L&HR 81
L&HR cab view

L&N 1512 also appears to have an empty cabside, though I can see a faint "1512" in-sim. Same for Southern 6285 and here (close-up).

Here is the problem on the older Baldwin 2-8-2:
Faint (cab only)

Somehow, the problem went away from the tender on Virginian #420, but I have no idea what made the tender lettering suddenly come in better. All of the Susquehanna engines I've done and uploaded worked fine.

Now this disease has spread to the new 2-10-0's I just started:
Western Maryland Fireball #1103

What the heck is going on? I didn't have this problem with Susquehanna 3034 (which is why it is on the DLS...). Using Ben's Baldwin 2-8-2, I have had this same problem with other engines. What is causing it? Why do the 2-8-0's and 4-6-0's and 4-4-0's and 2-6-0's seem to be immune to this?
Let me clarify that this does not affect the tenders, as seen in some of the photos.

Here's a new development. Chicago & Illinois Midland 551 appears just fine. Of course, I have to finish the ampersand that looks like an 8 (it's a unique character).


So why does C&IM 551 work but not the others?
Possible Solution?

I figured something out. What do NYS&W 3034, C&IM 551, and a pair of recently made P&LE engines have in common that is different from nearly all the others I've made (cited above)?

NYS&W, P&LE, and C&IM used white lettering. The other engines have some variant of gold or yellow.

Perhaps the solution is to simply live with either of two problems: faint lettering or inaccurate color.