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Hi all,

I recently went to reskin Ben's excellent SD16, and all went well until I noticed the ARN script has buggered up. Instead of road numbers I have a white rectangle, which 1: ruins the skin, and 2: drives me nuts. I'd like to remove all traces of the ARN setup, mesh and all, but I have no idea where to start.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Open the cfg file delete ARN tags

Might look something like this.
But why don't you fix it.

script "arn_sfx_loco"
class "ARN_SFX_Loco"

reportingmark-32711 "BNSF"
carnumber-32711 "x"

number_low "9160"
number_high "9400"
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I've tried that, and the white boxes still appear. Would it be better to send you the cdp so you can look for yourself? I'm competent with CMP/CCP, and I'm competent with reskinning, however this issue is very much a bother.
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