Back Yard Detail


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Is there any content that has more detail at the back than at the front? Things like houses, pubs, shops etc have incredibly detailed frontages but when you look at the rear, all you have are windows and a door or maybe a simple back yard.
This may sound like I'm being fussy, but being a commuter since I left school and on quite a few routes around South East/South West England, I find that the majority of the time, once you're off the Main Lines, you tend to spend most of the journey looking into back yards and gardens.
The current content is fine for more distant views but when I want to place it by the track I would really like to see a little more detail on the back of the building. I've tried making up back gardens and yards by adding sheds and greenhouses and all manner of flora but the extra content slows the game.
Smileyman (kuid 66277) has an SP3 pack of Gardens for houses. If you do a DLS search for Garden limited to buildings you should get a manageable number of items to go through.

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Tafweb has an excellent thing on the DLS called "Town Terrace" which comes complete with back gardens and sheds and which will save you a lot of time.

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For a bit of variety, also have a look at terraced houses by chris7464 and railcentre...