Back to work on the SD70M


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I have not touched this in a long time. Last night i totally reworked this cab on this mesh i started March of 06 almost a year ago. The Aces took all that time up and the mp15. I am back to work on this SPSD70M. I will release this and the UP. Not sure if i will do any other roads at this time. The Aces i am done with for now. I wanted to do the Aussie and the MRL but it would take mesh tweaks for nose lights and i am not up to it right now as that can be time consuming. Maybe ill fall back on that later. I also am working on the new c40-8 phase II with all newly redone trucks and mesh. Heres a prog shot fo the SD70M as of 2/17. I was able to get a lot done since last night. Tha plow is the Ace plow but i will be making a new plow for these to stay proto. I will post new shots as i go here in the future


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Well shes done
Well allmost i have to tweak the rear arn numbers yet and add the rear decal like the nose but in white
I still think the top of this thing is a black but i have no pics to prove it. The ones i do have look dark sorta like the kcs was done. Ill post one last pic of this thing in game here very soon with the white trucks.

In game shot. I see i still need to fix the number position. Its using the 4 digit arn i need to change it to 3 digit. Thats why it is sitting back a little on the cab and nor centered yet. these piucs were taken with my new vid card the 8800-640 meg. Trainz looks nice with it.

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I love the old bumped thread :mop: :udrool: :mop: Sporbust has some great stuff doesn't he ? I can't wait for the revival of his website and downloads !