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Hey one and all. Has anybody experianced this message on the Trainz Routes vol.4? Auran Patch GUI Error-Failed to copy the file 'D:\Routes\data\world\DLS04.ja' to' c:\program files\auran\trs2006\world\DLS04.ja' C (error5: access is denied.) The route disc won't install
completly. The route that I can't add rolling stock to is Wild Bill 2 and say's there is missing content/assets. Thanks...Alco_P-A
I don't know if I can help you, but 'Wild Bill II' is my route. What you might want to do is go on the DLS with CMP and search for my KUID (202442) and 'Wild Bill II' will pop up. Download it and it should overwrite the one from the CD. If not, then delete the whole thing and try the downloaded version again.

I'll monitor this thread to see if that helps.

EDIT: If you are using Vista, have you turned off all the bells & whistles that monitor anti-virus and whatnot? Did you try to install the CD using "Run as Administrator"?

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I un-installed the route CD and trs06 and re-installed.Same problem with the route so I tried the cajon pass one and it did the same thing once I added motive power/rolling stock.I un-installed everything again and just in-stalled 06.I may try to DL from the DLS and see if that works.