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Trainz Team
Hi everyone,

This afternoon Auran Developments, the developer of Fury was placed into voluntary administration (Chapter 11). This involved all the employees being dismissed.

However, the future of Trainz is still looking good. Trainz is owned by Auran Games and the directors are committed to continuing the projects currently under development and ensuring that Trainz remains as the number one rail simulator in the world. This involves a number of the Trainz team being re-employed by Auran Holdings, the parent company.

The current Trainz team are working with management to ensure that customers are not impacted by this transition. We wish to advise the community that Trainz, the Download Station and this community will continue as normal. We would also like to confirm that Trainz Classics 3 and other exciting projects to be announced soon will be delivered in the New Year as planned.


Lance Jago
Community Relations Manager, Trainz
...sorry for the bum deal...

8) Gaming, is highly competitive, and after reviewing "Enemy Territory:Quake Wars," a throw in with my new graphics card, I have to say the genre is mostly about "venting.":hehe:

ie, developing your own psychosis to someone else's imagination...:eek:

However, the use of a new division of the business, is a smart move, which allows the Company to cut and run, from the loss!:D

That's why I enjoy Planet Auran...the Company is run by the best!:)

After viewing the Fury website, long since forgotten and found through G4TV's XPlay webpage, I can't understand why the project became a turkey.:(

But the game is there, for all the world to

Maybe I'll download it and try...but TC would come first!:udrool:

I know those artists will continue on Further...:mop:

Good Luck, and GodSpeed Auran,;)


Thanks for the update.

Please pass on my best wishes to the ex-team - it always seems to happen just before Christmas and mucks up the season for poeple.

It seems a bit cynical to wish everyone a merry Christmas -let me just write that I'm thinking of them.

At least Auran is smart enough a company to recognize whats they need to keep and what they don't really need to, I can't name many other game companies that do this.

So the mighty, massive multiplayer online role-playing game succumbs and the meek little hobby niche sim lives on? All sound and fury?

My sympathies to those who find their personal economies affected.

This involves a number of the Trainz team being re-employed by Auran Holdings, the parent company.

Thanks for the news Lance. A carefully worded announcement, but I think it suggests a cut in numbers to the already small Trainz team.

A reality check that demonstrates that not every requested feature could, or should, be funded.
Sorry to here that Fury wasn't as successful as we all hoped.

I want only good things for Auran and it's employees.


These talented artists will no doubt find work, but it's sad to see near the holidays. My hope is that Trainz won't be dragged down with it, out of 25 games including Crysis, FSX and others, I'd miss Trainz the most. I will continue to purchase straight from Auran including TC3 as my small part in giving back!


I'm very pleased to hear that Trainz was not dragged down by Fury. I think in someways you need a mixture of products ones that bring in the bread and butter on a regular basis and ones such as Fury that have a shorter life cycle.

I sometimes muse if Trainz could be sold to a cooperative of users or to a new company that we could buy shares in directly.

Cheerio John
Thanks for the news, Lance.
I'm terribly sorry to hear of the employees affected. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time.

Unfortunatly that's the gamble that any gaming company takes when they take on a project. It's a gamble. Some times you win, somtimes you loss. It's unfortunate that this had to happen at this time of year. (I got layed off just before christmas once myself) Best wishes to all thoughs affected.

Let's raise a glass to the continuation of Trainz though not forgetting the folks who have been made redundant.

There is a certain irony - and perhaps a moral for other developers - that a train sim product offering a world of creativity and non violent escapism and virtual tourism ultimately proved more popular and financially successful than a MMORPG. (A genre that is possibly somewhat over-rated?).
Sorry to Read

Auran Games has to loose staff working on their game environment "Fury"- See Lance's message in Announcements dated today

Stressfull time for management and employees.:(

Warwick H
It is always said to here such news and especially so near to Christmas. Hopefully those effected though will be able to move on and enjoy there Christmas.

Reading all the post here I keeping thinking that some time ago there was an Auran post but I can not remember who it was. However in the post it was mentioned that Trainz was only just making money and most of Aurans profit came from other sources.

It would appear that Trainz is still very much respected by Auran to keep it and us going.

I'd say making an MMORPG of any type is a gamble these days. You're going to be competing with hundreds, even thousands, of the other cookie-cutter Korean MMORPG's out there, and you really need something fresh and innovative to gain an edge in the marketplace. Sadly, it would appear that Fury did not gain that edge.