Auran Design process.


British Rail!
Hey all,

Putting my GCSE Tech course work knowledge into use now. Auran have just made threads for what features should be in the new Trainz game for 2009. Objective 3 - 3.0 Generating of Ideas: This was the features thread that loads of people have been requesting new features for Trainz.

2.2 Market Research: Finding out what age group they should be aiming at and what they should really focus on in the game.

So what could be the next stage?

Well it will be in objective 4 no doubt the it will be objective 5 which is the making! So what could it be?

Well from my understanding Objective 4 is about gathering all the information and research and evaluating it all ready for the design, but before evaluating they would test that there features can be possible: Objective 4. So that will be the next thing to look out for!

Then after that they will start the design of the game so it wont me long! About July maybe?

Some of you may think this is a load of rubbish I do a bit...:p ...But it's very interesting to know how they are doing it and what they will ask for next. Even though some of it isn't all in the same order but that is a basic outline of what is to come. A big prediction!

I'm sure someone is doing Resistant materials for GCSE this year?

I reckon that objective 1 is complete: 1.0 Identification of need & Design brief. Probably before the first threads were made.

How exciting...:hehe:

Hope you learnt something...:p

I think you are reading too much into the process.

First 90% of purchasers never even sign onto the web site.

Second most people who create for Trainz are regulars in the forums.

Third being really cynical management studies have shown showing an interest / making changes usually puts production up in any environment. It doesn't matter what the changes are or what the environment is but it is a relatively inexpensive way of gaining PR points.

Trainz aims at many age groups. Many content creators are retired, quite a few copies are purchased by parents for their off spring, and there is a wide gamete in between.

What you are interested in is why do people buy the SIM and what can you do to encourage sales? Not what content creators who are disproportionally represented in the forums do.

To be honest Trainz has probably done better by letting creators get on with it (neglect?) rather than trying to control / create a game.

Cheerio John