anyone use a iportal still


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if you use a iportal let me know which route, and add a little screenshot or a couple to show others also.

and i can help you find a iportal partner, or just to show off the route
Not really as you need a route with plenty of 'industry-active' industries like in the 'Tidewater North' route as a bit of a practice route to use the iportal with. Then if you feel confident in using the iportal, you can construct up your own route to use it with like I have. :)

Hello, we are a group of users of the iPortal, when operating, we made a line and each controls a module with its industry which generates trades.
To use the Teamspeak communications, both for the CTC, as collateral for the stations.
I am a catch to open the chat.


We have also developed some warnings to the passage of compositions by portals.


hawes junction is good for passenger services, or small u.k. frieghts and switching transfers.

but as frog said it is better to have a good variety of industries, so you get more than one type of freight car.

me for examplay i use, maria pass apporach, when i iportal i get coal, diesal fuel, and alot of trailers and intermodals.