Another one bites the dust...


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Yes im joining the band wagon of people leaving BUT HAVE NO FEAR:hehe: it won't be for to long hopefully...Ive just started year 10 and is getting bombarded by homework and to be honest is finding trainz relly boring now and no offence the forums ain't getting much better untill you can all learn to live together...
Yes that means Marooma will not be realesed for awile...or your a friend and kindly ask for it.

So cya for awile...

you will always be welcome back my friend, take care you do what you deem is important, and many will agree your studies are important. we will always be here if you want to pop in for a chat or catch up with us.

goodbye and goodluck


p.s dont be a stranger for to long or we will all come haunt you. :hehe:
Where did you get this idea that the forum is rife with division and in-fighting? It doesn't look like that to me. It is the same place as it always was; people have discussions and arguments but after it all they remain amicable to one another. On ANY forum that has thousands of members, you will always get differing opinions.

Best wishes,
Sorry that's the way you feel but the community probably doesn't feel that way. Stick around and see. :)


Well sometimes in youth things seem more harsher and black and white. The shades of grey get overlooked. I have been here a while and apart from the odd character (and we will have a cross-section like any Forum) imagining a war I in all honesty don't see it either.

Studies must come first and the pressure can colour other things but at least you have Trainz to come back to when things lighten a bit.
Good luck

Hi Anthony,
I have been here years, too many really, and I have had 'differences of opinion' with one or two people, it is bound to happen with so many on this amazing forum, but in general it is a friendly place and problems and questions are solved usually fairly quickly.
You don't have to converse with people if they give you a hard time, just ignore them, they will go away, and then you will have thousands of friends still willing to talk.
Your studies are of the greatest importance to you right now so I wish you every bit of luck with those and hope you get high grades in them - or whatever you would wish.
But do try to spare a moment here and there to pop in and sah 'Hi', 'Hello' or whatever a greeting is where you live, we would like that.

I am what would be regarded as an old timer I suppose, even here in England, it comes with my next birthday when I shall be XX.... ha ha, no secrets are given away.

Good luck and may your God be with you,

untill you can all learn to live together...

Dear Anthony,

I think you'd better change 'you' into 'we' and everything would roll smoother and quieter.

Anyway, first things first and your studies are a must. Take care.

Alberte :wave:

BTW, please write 'until' or 'till'. ;) Not a mixture of both.