Andi06's station templates


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I have added one of these to a station I've built, on the ongar brach, as per the existing ones, but I've tried to run a train, but when I halt it next to the passengers (ie to get them loaded) nothing happens, ie no doors open etc

anyone know how I can resolve this?
How would I do that, the stations on the Ongar route are not industry compatible, hence the use of this template
Also run a short piece of invisible track (Like the red stuff TRS2004 has in Surveyer Only) to the existing station to make the visible track go away. Then only the track on the AJS station will be visible.

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Thanks, but I know have two problems

I seem to be unable to remove the existing track (I want to add a longer station) I just get the annoying beeping sound

I am unable to split any of the splines anywhere along the route, any idea why?
You will get a buzzing sound if you try to alter/move a spline when you are not on the correct menu. Road and fence splines are on the 'Objects' (F3) while track splines are on the 'Rails' (F4) menu. You will also get a buzzing sound if there is a traincar on that section of track. As an after thought I don't remember if you have to be on objects or rails to disconnect stations from rails.
Disconnect the station from the rails in "Rails". It's the button on the lower right corner of the menu.
You can also add a piece of track from the existing track outside the station to the AJS station, then delete the section going to the inactive station.

:cool: Claude
Could be the reason, I know where the button is, as I said it just wasn't doing anything!

Cheers though, will have to try it
still can't get it to work!

This is getting me really frustated, I now cannot seem to add track onto the template, I managed to do it before

I still can't split splines anywhere...
anyone know why I might not be able to?

Make sure you've downloaded all the dependencies for the station. There are quite a few).
One I downloaded was the andi06's PSV library, I don't know why, but it seemed to fixed a few problems with the stations, including platform and rail connection problems I was having.