American Layouts


Old Timer
Has anyone downloaded an American based layout in the last six months that might meet the follow criteria?

1. All content on dls.
2. No repairs on maybe one small spelling change in content.
3. Doesn't give fatal error when you click on certain place on map.

I have download 12 of the newer routes in the last two days and none of them met the aboard criteria. I am working on a new route and would like to play with another one while doing so but don't want non-dls content and don't feel like spending hours fixing items. Two of the twelve crashed every time I got in a certain area of the boards. Don't want to fix that either.
Thanks if you have a successful suggestion.
If you run TRS04 I can give you two-and-a-half outa three :rolleyes:

McCall Yard at TPR.

Some non-DLS content, but ALL in a single zip download.

No errors in route or content in TRS04 - in 06 you are on your own, but nothing you can't safely ignore!

Fatal error free.

Andy :)
Mr_D --

I'd strongly endorse Andy's recommendation of McCall Yard. It's amongst the best of all the routes on the Download Station.

You could perhaps try my "YardSwitchingCo". 1 and 3 a most positive yes; 2 no show-stoppers in TRS2006.

There is also "Urban IndustRail". 1 a yes, apart from the coronas for the semaphore signals (not essential, but I can provide a link for them); 3 absolutely yes; 2 no issues that I have been advised of for TRS2006 use.

Not sure of any off the top of my head, but my arlington Mtn RR or any of the few that will be released with the USA Route Competition should be good.
skiingiggy, Downloaded your Arlington route and really like it. However, I've noticed that I am missing 4 dependencies....
Any help in locating these would be greatly appreciated. Ralph
Just downloaded McCall_Yard and there are over 50 kuids not on the dls.
Thanks. I am trying Urban now.
Urban has no missing but loads of errors. Only a few are time consuming, like resizing pictures. It has one missing kuid, 39730:60001 which seems to be in a semaphore. I will give it a try as most of the errors I can correct and the others I can substitute for I hope.
Just downloaded McCall_Yard and there are over 50 kuids not on the dls.

As stated above I have all non-DLS content in a single zipped download clearly labeled and easily accessed from the link given above.

Ho Hum - I guess you can only please some of the people some of the time....

Andy :rolleyes:
I think the file would be helpful to someone who doesn't mind having non-dls kuids in cmp but I have made a decision not to build another route that has those in them so that people who want to download the route can do so without hunting them up. I therefore purged my database and don't want to bring any of those files into it except for rolling stock which would not affect the route. No offense meant and I appreciate your effort as the route had several nice reviews.

Just ran from south to north on the Urban. Quite impressive. I would like to set up industries but I can't get the map to load. Not sure what the problem is but it will be a task without it. Very nicely done and should be lots of fun if I can figure what goes where.
Thanks for the work you did, as I know how much time it takes to try to get it right.
Mr_D --

"I can't get the map to load."

Do you mean the map of the route?

If you are running TRS2004 find the folder containing the route using TrainzObjectz or look in the World/Dispatcher/Downloads folder for the kuid of the route (as shown on the Download Station).

With TRS2006, use CMP to locate the route or session, right mouse click and select "Open in Explorer". Windows File Explore will open at the correct folder. Double click on the readme.txt or .jpg file to open them.

If all else fails, right click to save these: