AM3 or AM2 CPU's?


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I just grabbed a ASRock mobo (970M Pro3) because it was very cheap and had rave reviews. But I see now that AM3 CPU's are still very expensive, so I'm wondering if I should return it and get a AM2 mobo, at least then I will be able to afford to put a CPU in it!
What do you think, professional computer builders?

Not living in the USA with a knowledge of your component prices my suggestion would be price up some possible combinations of CPU, motherboard and RAM within your budget then using a common bench-marking source see which gives you the best power to cost ratio. If you're sticking with AMD you may wish to consider AM2, AM3, AM3+, FM2, FM2+. Should a few come out very similar then see what else they offer which you would use or perhaps compare their chip sets one may be faster than the other etc. A little money can sometimes be saved by purchasing an upgrade bundle but only if they really do satisfy your requirements without having to compromise which you will likely later regret. Peter
I went through this a few weeks ago building my first PC.

Looked at AMD for cost, fell into Intel by chance due to a friend selling computer parts and needing a new tire. Horse trading.

Part of the deal was an 1151 socket motherboard. I looked at AMD offerings before, but, was underwhelmed. Given your ability to send your motherboard back, I would check Intel. You say $100 for the CPU. What would you have if you send the motherboard back? Equivalent of a board for Intel?

The reason I ask is, can you pick up an equivalent Intel 1151 socket motherboard for the same price? All AMD comparison I've seen are to Has well i3 chips. Depending on the programs, reviews are mixed. I chose an i3 6100 based on my choice of games, locked to one core mostly. How TANE will fare, unknown until this weekend. Trainz is far down my list, TS2009 will do nicely. TANE if decent.

Look at your real needs of what you expect from this computer build. Balance that with the hardware you already have. Mine is built for flight sims first, Trainz second. Video and photo editing on a soon to be replaced Mac desktop and dead Macbook Pro.

Balance your needs.
As a side note, you'll never have enough computer to run this program. Been that way since I got on this wagon in 2006 or so. Every few years, they release a new version. Call for new content that they don't produce. Next release will raise the bar as the wonderful creators try to keep up with the last. All hidden in JA files using content from 2004. Ask for new, rehash the old on end.

I am impressed with the new engine. Chocked full of old content. Never ending cycle here. If they would take a break and build content they need instead of making due with what is on the DLS, this would be a whole new program for real. Dial your sliders down in the meantime and enjoy TS2004 content and database repairs to make it work. I settled on TS2009 SP2 for this reason.
As a side note, you'll never have enough computer to run this program.

How very true which is a pity particularly as the Android version of Trainz seems to plod along with very little processor and even less RAM. Admittedly its not the easiest to use on my 7" tabled but connect it to the TV and with a USB mouse/keyboard it works very well. Peter
It is what it is. Very enjoyable program. PC, Mac, Android or iPad.

Just have to pick your poison. TANE looks great, will the content match? I will see this weekend. If I have to wait until the content catches up, no more money to this franchise. If I see, "Bucket on a Bench" one more time or that nude guy bending over like he is running.......
I did have to take a loan out at the BX as a young, dumb Airman back in 1985 to play Mario on a Nintendo. I can now play it on a phone. Oh, how things change. Laughing.