Alex23 -- A report card 2007 -- And Merry Christmas


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Hi Everyone,

We are practically at the end of the year 2007 and Christmas is nearly upon us.

Like every Year it has had its high's and its low's. We have been touched by sad moments greatly this year, possibly moreso than in previous years. And in this "Reportcard" post, I wanted too express, that my thoughts and, I'm sure, those of our fellow community members, are with those who have been affected by the happenings of this year. We do know that some things will be very difficult, particularly now.

There are no other word's for it, --- Love too you all.


From the Workshops of Alex23, it has been my pleasure to bring to you a number of items this year. Both thru my own username and thru that of Victrainz.

The Task of helping out, "Rescuing" and of revamping the older content has continued. And, what a great joy it has been to have Rob's content up and running again with a few improvements. It is planned for this too continue in 2008, in consultation with Rob.

ad602000's content is receiving attention as time permits. And as you have no doubt noticed, Peter is working on many items himself. Infact, I wonder how Peter manages too do all that he does for us. Likewise as my health improves, I hope to continue things in 2008 in consultation with Peter.

PacificSeven/Blackfour's older content I have only had a chance to update the BR Class 4MT Tank engines so far this year. And hopefully in preperation for TC3 further work can be carried out.

Jetstreemsky's content continues to receive attention and has only been delayed by my health/life issues. There are some substantial plans for Alans content, but they must be dependent on the issues I just mentioned. The minimum will be the revamping in line with the A4's, V2's and P2's.

I want to thank these Third party creators for their kindness and generousity to us in allowing such work to go ahead.

Also, this kind of work would not be possible without the the generousity and kindness of many other Third Party Creators and the support and encouragement of this fine community and Auran.

The plan for 2008 is too get everything as up to date as possible.

The aim, is to be in a situation when Trainz Classics 3 is released, that will allow incorporation of such features that are provided, and all possible content fully up to date as is possible.

That's the plan anyway.

On a personel note.

I would like too thank those who sent messages of support during the difficult final part of 2007. It has been quite a trying time for various reasons.

Finally, as we are now entering a period of holidays and many of you will be travelling, can I please encourage you all too take particular care. This particularly on the road's. I note with sadness that our Road toll for this Christmas holiday period has already begun this morning. We are not indestructable, and are human. Please, stay safe.


A very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year to everyone of you.

Alex ... aka ... Alex23 --- Oh and a special message from my Cat, Ben. What do you want too say Ben? "Meowwww" That's cat talk for Merry Christmas.
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A pretty good summary Alex.

Bernard and Kevin (my two cats) would like to wish Ben a "Merrowww" too. :p

Try and have a good break there mate and take care.


Happy Christmas Alex and thanks for your continuing work on those "oldies but goodies" items. I know I've downloaded plenty. :)
In a word


Of course you do realise that going over old content like this and updating it has a really bad effect on us poor content creators? I get the feeling I really should revisit some of my earlier work and update it based on some newer techniques.

Cheerio John

Thanks for your report mate, very interesting.
Thank you for all your hard work ...................hope you have a great Christmas and don`t go crazy at Hogmaney.

Best to you and yours this Holiday Season Alex. Many thanks on putting some new life into those old steamers.

Bob Pearson
Hi Alex,

May I add my thanks to you and all the other creators of the wonderfull content which makes Trainz so interesting and keeps it developing. I wish you and your friends and family a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

I also wish all the trainz comunity members a happy and safe Christmas and new year.

Hello alex23, I always look at the goodies you offer the DLS frequently, and although I am mainly a diesel man personally, I have downloaded the odd steamer and they are fabulously done, so thank you for your hard work this year and I'm sure we all look forward to 2008 with great enthusiasm....

Have a lovely Christmas...

Cheerz. ex-railwayman.
Thanks for all that you have done. I have enjoyed your's and Victrainz creations.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
A lets hope you have better health in the new year.