ALCos ALCos and More ALCos!


Your Everyday ALCOholic
One basic question is to be answered here...
Do you like the sound of a Coughing, Wheezing, barking ALCo? The sight of a classic RS3 rumbling down the line? or how about a massive M630 Roaring down the Canadian Rails?
Well, then we got a Forum for you!
Created by the Awesome ex. Trainzer, Muttsmooch, This is a dedicated place to Speak of ALCos, and ALCos only.
This place is like a sanctuary for ALCo Worshopers, And Boy, do we Have ALCos!
Come and Join today, we're always eager to have more members!
Just to let you know, This is NOT a Trainz affiliated Group. Thank You
(Talking ALCo's Team)
Can one discuss on that forum about any loco that was built by ALCo even if it's not a North American diesel, or a steam or electric loco that they built?
Of Course!
If it bears the name ALCo, or it was created by the American Locomotive Co. Post it right away! We accept anything.
Talking ALCos team