Alamosa Colorado....1955


The Chicago CTA guy
For the work on my expansion of the Timber Ridge Line, I wanted to put a bit of Southwest Colorado in it. I was hoping to create a semi accurate (freelanced) Alamosa style Dual Gauge Yard. My setting for the route is the 1950's and early 60's, getting towards the end of the Narrow Gauge Dream, so its not exactly the Heyday that Todd models (1940's) but its still an important chapter of Colorado History.

I am wondering if anyone has a layout of the yard around that time. I found online diagrams of La Jara and Antanito, but I apparently have to pay for a DVD in order to see Alamosa (booooo)

I would love to get the DVD....some day, so I am wondering if I can find another sorce where I can get some sort of Diagram of the Alamosa yard. I intend to use as much Dual Gauge track as I can, but I also want to have areas dedicated to Narrow Gauge, and others to Standard Gauge. I am working on Signs to show the end of each, should have them finished soon, but I could really use some help planning the layout of the yard. I dont even know where to begin
When I was making my dual gauge roundhouses I bought plans from the John W. Maxwell collection that showed the complete track arrangement for Salida, Colorado. They might have something similar for Alamosa.