AJS Stations - Passenger Height


Trainz Maverick
I made a preliminary installation of the 50m "invisible" station at a couple of locations on my new Swedish route. The stations all have low platforms (around 20cm) however whenever I set the height to this value in Surveyor, each time I re-open the route it has reset to the default, 130cm I think, with passengers floating in mid-air.

Has anyone else encountered this or know of a solution? I don't really want to go back to stations populated with only static people.
The passenger height and position etc are stored in session data, so you'll have to place some rolling stock temporarily to force TRS to save a session.

You can in fact save a session without rolling stock but cannot load it into Driver. I usually make a Basic session which contains my own default settings and then work from that in Surveyor. When you save or go into Driver you will have the option of saving the session under a new name.
This problem occurs when you save a session in surveyor (with industry and passenger station settings) but then reload the layout (not the session) into surveyor for more editing.

Loading the layout will always reset all active industry and passenger settings to their default values.

Once you have saved a session in surveyor you must from that point on reload that session (not the layout) for editing.

This system allows you to create multiple sessions - each with different industry settings - for the one layout.

Peter Ware
Thanks for the replies. I have had some success using the tram stop (!) rather than the station fitment but it does indeed look like something that will have to be dealt with at the session writing stage.
I've moaned long and hard at Auran about this.

To my mind items such as passenger height are part of the infrastructure of the route and should be saved with the map and not with the session. At present there is no way of doing this for the quantity of data that the stations need to store.

If it really bothers you it is possible to change the initial default height by altering the passenger height tag in config.txt of each station. The tram stops have this at 0.5 which is why they are doing what you want.