AI Limitations


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Although I have been unable to find it, there was something said recently concerning the maximum number of AI drivers that could be used in TRS2004.

I think the figure quoted was nine. Is anyone able to confirm that, and if so, would that include having more than one driver with the same name(!)?

I had hoped to build a layout with considerably more than nine drivers.

If nine is correct in TRS2004, then would it be the same in TRS2006, or is it possible that a higher number of drivers could be used in TRS2006?

I'm not sure about the nine driver limit as my route not very industry intensive. However, I notice that performance decreases as more AI driven trains are run.
As far as I can remember - I'm using TRS 2004 no longer - you can add as many drivers as your computer can handle, provided that you have installed some or all service packs for TRS 2004. :)


I'm using TRS 2006 and I'm running more then 20 drivers (whereby 3 originated from a portal) at the same time. I must admit that my machine is pushed at its limits and that I had to reduce on graphis capabilities to allow smooth operation.
I have several layouts where I have at least 60 AI drivers working. About two thirds of the drivers are for trolley operation, the rest for freight and passenger. Works fine in 2004. Begin to have sound problems in 2006 with more than 20 AI drivers. I think the computing power is the limiting factor here more so than the program
The limit refers to the number of drivers that trainz will automaticaly place when you put consists into surveyor. The default drivers. you can create more drivers or add ones from the DLS, you can use the same drivers over and over again and give them a different name to that of the default ones.
The 8 driver limit was the case before one of the TRS04 service packs (2 I think). If it's patched up to date, it's only limited by your computer...