Aberglasslyn Light Railway (big screens)


Creating 2'3" worlds...
on a more normal note, I present to you the Aberglasslyn Light Railway!

A 2ft route run by preservationists somewhere in wales (its not near complete yet...)

Here is Listy Green. The base of operations for the preservationists. Today Moel Tryfan is taking a test train up the line

Britomart shunts some coal wagons into the coal siding

and Stanhope waits for something to do... (notice the tender in the grass:cool:)
Moel Tryfan approaches the end of the scenery and level crossing

Carefully crossing the road, the track had to be re-laid here, when the road was built after the line closed they paved over it...

We start to climb on our way to the tunnel that leads to the Aberglasslyn mines. The road stays level as the train climbs up.
Entering the tunnel...
On the other side :) the switch leads to the mines (now defunct, but a museum area)

Moel pauses at Aberglasslyn station (notice the track bed of the old line)
Moel takes it slow on the sharp curve leaving Aberglasslyn

Climbing higher, Moel passes by lake Tryfan (hence the engine's name, i made this up totally) The old line is flooded by the lake, it used to go into a tunnel on the other side of the lake to get to Llanifare.

Rounding the curve approaching Llainfare
Moel arrives at Llainfare

Llainfare is currently the end of the line. The old track leads off towards Alden Vale.

Moel has run round the train and is taking it back to Listy Green:D

The end (so far):D
This looks excellent:D Where did you get that track??


The track is mine/Shortline2's. It's on the DLS under my nickname. Use sparingly, it's a frame rate killer.

@ Redline, I see you've made this line similar to the Ffestiniog: the old line was flooded by the lake. It's very nice.

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okey dokey: I've gotten some more work done and some more 'landscaping'/'texturing' I've laid the line up to the end at Alden Vale, which has a mine which is very interesting in operation, as it is a gravel/clay/bedrock mine. Also I've been working on my many re-skins of Kevmt's 'Britomart' engine ('Holy War' 'Maid Marian' 'Elidir' and 'Thomas Bach'), and my 16.5mm layout in my room (Caertalfryn Rheilfford) and today is my birthday and i'm not going to be in the house at all. so i hope to finish this up some time over the summer perhaps :D


When I've been around our narrow gauge railways I've heard dozens of Americans describe them as "cute" or "quaint" or similar, but this is the first time I've seen it in Trainz. And you are quite correct Ish ;).

Redline: You might want to move the tracks in the loops a little closer together - narrow gauge railways were invariably built on the cheap (I don't include Australia's NG system in this), so they wouldn't be buying all that land.

On a side note - what is that station building - it looks very smart.
@ish6- thanks :eek: But i wouldnt describe them as cute, but more of a homely rustic old feel, maybe some engines like 'Britomart' could be cute but certainly not Moel Tryfan. The towns in Cymru (Wales) are very 'cute'/quaint though I really like them.

@CoolMatty- These are Kevmt's incredible and fantastic creations:D; and if you do a forum search for 'Ffestiniog' and 'Britomart' you should be able to find the appropriate links. Also try searching 'Talyllyn' as well as 'Welsh Narrow Gauge'.

@BidMod- Yes you are correct the Welsh 'Lleied Rhielffyrd' (little railways) were built very cheaply, except perhaps the Tal-y-llyn, but in Trainz when I move the loops closer together the passing trains pass through the each other. I will experiment with these loops and attempt to make them look 'cheaper'. The three stations that I took pictures of are: at 'Listly Green' it is the 'LMS Country Station' I believe, the station at 'Aberglasslyn' is built in to TRS06 and is called 'S&C small station', if you have TRS06 simply type 'S&C' into the object finder and make sure that 'all' is selected in both categories, lastly the station at Llainfare (pronounced 'lane-fair') is the 'GWR Newbury Up' which is on the DLS.

thank you all for your comments and any other criticisms are appreciated :D
It's at UKTrainsim, but you have to search for it. Oh and make sure you get the TRS one because there's one by kevmt for MSTS there as well.

yhea that would be bad, wait forever only to find that the one you downloaded was for MSTS :eek:

I've made a little progress...
but have been busy re-skinning certain Talyllyn models into different colors (that have nothing to do with thomas)