A-Train HX


Socialist Serenade
Just picked up the new copy of the official X-Box Magazine (for the info on GA4), and there's a review in there for a game called A-Train HX.

It looks like a cross between Sim City and a Train management sim, and although the graphics look average, it still looks like it could be interesting.

It only got a rating of 3 out of 10, but to be honest the reviewer (Ryan King) looks like a right pleb, and ironically, if there ever was a typical train-spotter face, he has it. :hehe:

Anyone try this new game on any of the formats?
I'll probably have a look around the net sometime tomorrow to find out more about it, but I don't have time right now (Test Drive Unlimited is calling).

Well I could scan some in, but as I say, I'm just about to log in to Xbox Live and drive around Hawaii with some friends for a while. :D

Probably find something on the IGN website.
It's where I usually start off, as their reviews are very well done.

Infogrames released a PC game called "A-Train" (and some games that expanded this one) several years ago (pre Pentium). I wonder if there's any relation...