A GG1/2?

I want one.:D
Some people just can't resist wierd stuff.:eek: Not to mention any names.

:cool: Claude

Edit: Can't spell weird, either.
Let me guess......

I thought that those the pictures from in Wilmington, Delaware near the Philly so (I GUESS) I know where is Amtrak yard there too:mop: ;)
There would appear to be no caternary lines nearby. When was it finally decommissioned?

That's pretty funny though, half a GG1 as a switcher...
hmm....... anyone wanna try to make it :hehe:
MY friend is making a switcher with a f7a on the front
For a time, it was modified with a jet blower in the "back" (that sheared of portion) and was used as a snowplow. She also saw service using her pantograph to clear ice from the catenary around portions of the NE corridor.
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