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Hey guys .Does anyone know how to export Parasitical (smoke) effects and animations from 3d max to trainz.When i try to export the animations never export ,niether do bump mapping.
You do not export smoke effects, you reference these in your config.txt file. Read up in any of the CCGs or the TrainzWiki of how to configure smoke or d/load a similar asset with smoke from the DLS and study its configuration. Btw, what is "Parasitical" smoke?

Normal/bump maps will get exported with the correct 3DS Max exporter if the naming of the texture maps in the Material Editor of 3DS Max is named correctly as per the TrainzWiki, if normal texture maps have the correct pixel size in a power of 2, if the texture map's name is the same as this is in the Material Editor and the texture map itself, if the correct texture.txt files for all texture maps being used in the asset are exported too with all texture map names correct in these (spelling mistakes are a common error issue). If the Normal texture map being used is an uncompressed TGA texture, this will work correctly.

Do you get any error messages when exporting your mesh(es) or animation out of 3DS Max as you haven't said so?

Animations get exported out of 3DS Max with the Max exporter the same way a mesh (xxx.im) is exported by clicking on the "Animation" part of the exporter. But you have to name an animation file as anim.kin or xx.kin for Trainz to recognize it as an animation file and have that referenced with the correct name exported in your config.txt.


Most of the Standard meshes export fine,its just the smoke I created and animations but with the naming you stated above > xx.kin I may try that ,an thanks.
With the animation Import to trainz i get this error in the content creator 'Error: Unable to load animation file 'hash-48\kuid 723069 101308\sawmil.kin' (no resource).'I even went to the wiki to look and the entries it told me to put in were invalid
This one is a Wheel rotating animation & not smoke,I figured the smoke out already in the Content creator .
it meets all criteria .it does have a lattice structure.The model exports fine ,its the error message i get when I go to commit it. >"Error: Unable to load animation file 'hash-48\kuid 723069 101308\sawmil.kin' (no resource) after animation (anim.kin) file is referenced in the config file,otherwise the model and textures show up great,its just when i add the animation file wich I had to rename manually 3dmax does not have the (kin) extension as a valid file extension when the animation is exported

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I bet Max did name the file correctly and you busted it by renaming it. The config is looking for sawmil.kin and your file is called sawmil.kin.kin (or possibly you just misspelled it, shouldn't it be sawmill?)

When Exporting the Animation out of 3d max it does not allow for kin extension 3d max only allows for an xaf extension, hence the renaming.
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You mean you exported an xaf file and renamed it assuming that would convert it to a kin? You do have the proper exporters installed I hope.

I have the IM exporter plugin for 3d max .and yes i had to rename it doe to 3dmax only allowing xaf format the models shows up fine in trainz,its the animation file,i am stuck on as far as formatting.
I changed the name and the Content creator Saw the kin file i used but after referencing them all I still get this when i commit it. "Error: Unable to load animation file 'hash-4b\kuid 723069 101311\sawmill.kin' (no resource)."
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