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I've only been into trainz for a few days. I'm enjoying the new found pastime. I'm now wanting to try my hand at down loading some trains for my 1960s route. Are there any links to where I might find a 101 DMU 2car, 3car or even 4car sets. I know I might be pushing it but... Has anyone got an idea where I might find a K1 steam loco while I'm about it.
I'm pleased there are so many helpful people on here. You never know, some day I might be able to give some advice.


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Hi there

if you search DLS for locomotives and key in 101 you will find some, you will probly get lots of other stuff as welll, sometime the advanced menu will let you cut it back to just britian.

Anyway back to the point, the only ones i know of that are freeware are older ones that have no interior just painted intteriors on the windows and are not interactive. but that can be fixed with invisable passengers if you want. If I rember right there is multi livery's there Green, Early Blue, later Blue, Regional white with Blue Stripe and a few ther network colors as well.

Hope this helps

If you do a search on BR Class 101 in DLS (Download Station), this will pull back the rolling stock you require. Make sure you have Trainz ticked in the search box.

Regarding K1, do you mean this loco? http://www.nelpg.org.uk/K1/history/index.htm

Have not been able to find this particular loco I'm afraid. Possibly there maybe a payware version?