Trainz Classics is a new direction for Trainz consisting of a series of themed releases designed to expand on our product in a modular way.

Each release will be centered around a particular period in railway history, a particular traction type or a prototypical route. New features and improvements extend the possibilities with each successive edition.

The series will appeal to both our loyal online following and also to our more casual users. Those who like to manage or even create their own content can continue to do so while enjoying the benefits of updates and improvements to various systems. Those who prefer to rely on built in content will amass a quality set of items by collecting the series.

Whether you start your Trainz Classics collection at Edition 1 or Edition 5, the box contains everything you need for a rewarding Trainz experience and the setup will always default to the later version of code.

Whilst it is a new beginning for Trainz, users can expect the same kind of pleasures they have always enjoyed, whether they wish to ride the rails on fully realised routes, edit the supplied maps and sessions or use the components to build their own creations.

Trainz Classics #1 "Harlem Line Edition"
A prototypical representation of New York's Harlem Line.

Activities will consist of historically accurate commuter and departmental operations typical of those seen from the early 80s to the present day. Each session is designed to reflect the real-life atmosphere of the locality and the services. For the first time in Trainz, we take you there!

Trainz Classics #2 "Metropolis Edition"
Roger Cabo's Modular City is among the most stunning displays of the potential of Trainz that has ever been created. Focused on modern city tramway traction and with a very persuasive level of visual appeal, Trainz Classics "Metropolis Edition" takes advantage of some new graphical features that will set this theme distinctly apart from its TRS2006 cousin.

Each release is a medium priced stand-alone package which combines with any other edition. Launch date is expected to be during May 2007.