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    Question Update

    Could you tell me how can I update my Trainz Simulator 2012 pc game please???

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    Firstly,welcome to the Forum and secondly please register your copy of T12

    When you mean update T12 do you mean the 2nd patch? If so it can be found here http://forums.auran.com/trainz/forumdisplay.php?f=2




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    Firstly thank you man!!
    How can I register my copy of T12 ??

    I download 2nd patch that you give me and when I run it , it say "No valid patch operation was specified. Patching aborted"

    When I start the game , it write " This pre-realise version Trainz has expired and cannot be used. A new version should be available for download via the 'Patch Trainz' button on the options dialog."

    When I go to patch the game via options it say "Unable to validate this beta version with Planet Auran. Please check your Planet Auran login details."

    So , what I must do??
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    You must contact Helpdesk with your serial number as given in either email or printed form.

    The 'beta expired' message means that it's either a illegitimate copy, or a pre-release copy, or something has gone wrong at N3V's end (which is rare in serial number terms)

    To register a serial number, you can click Serial Number above, and fill in the form, although wait for instructions from Helpdesk first.

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    Ok guys, thnx a lot !! I will try to fix it!!

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