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Thread: Gull Wing Cab - Purpose?

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    Default Gull Wing Cab - Purpose?


    I noticed that some ATSF widecabs had the notched edges on the cab roofs, referred to as "Gull Wing" cabs.

    I wanted to know what they did. Was it mainly Aesthetic purposes, or was their some technology behind it?

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    Personally I've never heard of such a thing, and can't seem to find any pictures of it. Do you think you could link us to some examples?
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    The so-called "Gull-Wing" design of the wide cab Santa Fe locomotives was improvised to allow the cab to pass under specific car-loader feed-gates.

    The design of the slide-away loader gate tore into a few cabs & rather than bully up on the customer, the road specified & paid for the changes*

    The problem was an issue of the load-out chute crammed into a space that when raised out of the car space & slid to the side it did not clear the tall roof of the then new wide-cab locomotives.

    You can imagine the feeling of arriving at a load-out silo with a brand new locomotive & figuring to stop at the first car...behind three or four units & the collision not only stops the train but also tares half the side of the roof off your new ride!

    Seaboard Air Line & Atlantic Coast Line home-built cabooses with low clearance roofs for the same reason for trains in the Bone Valley Phosphate Business District in Florida.

    *Passed on to the customer/taxable write-offs,etc.
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