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Thread: Making The Doors Open and Close... each with their own sounds

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    Default Making The Doors Open and Close... each with their own sounds

    Hi there,

    I recently tried to establish two different sounds for a train's doors in CCP.
    After trying to make a new sound compartment, and commit the changes, both opening and closing the doors were animated, anyhow... but NO SOUND on both when I gave it a test run/stop on Surveyor/QuickDriveF2.
    What I mean is, is that I met the doors, with door_open.wav for both opening and closing a passenger train's door. (it was repeated-delayed to 1.00000 unit).
    What i'm trying to establish now is that door_open.wav will be the sound for OPENING the doors upon arrival at a station... then establishing a new sound (doors_closing.wav) for when the doors close.
    Both .wav's are in the appropriate folder in order to make things easier

    To help you, help me...

    In each train editing folder is

    The door_closing.wav features the default door_open.wav but i'm so old skool with my Windows Sound Recorder, I recorded door chimes, saved it as itself, then created a new wav. file, where the sequence goes as this....

    Chimes.... then mixed in with door_open.wav (25% slower than the original), to create the new door_closing.wav sound file.

    Is there anyway I can get two sounds for each animation of opening and closing the doors?


    P.S. I went through the cloning and EDIT via CCP during the process.
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    Hi TDE,

    Did you save the wave files as 16bit MONO files? Stereo files will not work at all.


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    Yea Motorman1066,

    I even fixed that issue as well and well.. it still goes on quietly opening and closing. I strongly believe it's a script and proceedure issue. I'm still rather new to all those behind the scenes stuff of CCP and such...

    Is there any other possibilities out there?

    If you need some screenshots, let me know, i'll email them. Somehow i can't post up photos here.

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    Could some kind moderator please move this thread to the Content Creation Support Forum with appropriate notification to the originator, of course? Thanks.

    Hi again TDE,

    Step 2. Have you created an appropriate event file and linked the file to the animation in gmax?



    files should all co-exist in the root directory of the traincar asset in the trains sub-directory of your main custom directory.

    For a 30 frame animation, your evt file should look something like:

    1 Sound_Event /door_open
    2 Sound_Event door_open
    28 Sound_Event door_close
    29 Sound_Event /door_close

    In your config.txt file, the tag and values for the door animation should look something like:

    mesh TB01 body/doors/left_door.im
    anim TB01 body/doors/left_door.kin
    auto-create 1
    att a.doors
    att-parent default

    and the same for any right hand doors.

    I hope this helps.

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    Nah man.

    I haven't even tried such a program, I haven't gone that far yet, lol.

    I shall find it and use it and see what I can do.

    As for the config,txt. I'll look into it.

    P.S. I agree, my thread needs to go to a CCP-based site. Because just trying to find discussions in general mnuchless this one was a mission enough.
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