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Thread: Out of commission for awhile with limited forum access due to eye injury.

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    Thanks for writing this, Bill, for this is something many of us probably overlook. Monitors damage eyesight.

    As a fellow who can spend up to 8 hours per day on a computer - sometimes more - I get very concerned. I often get up and go for a short walk, every hour on the hour.

    Recently I installed a little application called f.lux which changes the brightness of my monitor at sundown. It softens the harsh glare and makes it - in my feeling - a lot easier to work with and just simply to look at, in the evenings.

    It takes some getting used to - and you can turn it off for an hour to do graphic work (which I do sometimes, especially with screenshots). It does take some getting used to, and if you have different user accounts on your computer, the difference between using f.lux on one account and not on the other is stark. You really get hit by hard, harsh light when you switch away or turn it off to do some colour-intensive work.

    Worth a look at for the concerns that Bill has raised below. Windows and Mac OS


    Cheers, Chris

    Quote Originally Posted by wholbr View Post
    Hi everybody.
    Although modern monitors are much safer on users eyes these days, there are still conditions of use that can be detrimental to a persons vision. Reflected light from a screen can be the most hazardous of those conditions with that reflection being caused by poorly situated office/room lighting in the vicinity of the PC or laptop, the foregoing would also include direct sunlight from windows. Computer users should always ensure that no light other than that emitted by the monitor is directed towards the user's vision.

    In the above, prolonged and unbroken periods of continual close proximity use of a monitor can also be very detrimental to any person's vision. It is recommended that any casual user of a PC or laptop (that being someone spending less than one to two hours on a system in any 24 hours) should think 20-20-20. The foregoing means, twenty minutes looking at screen followed by a minimum of twenty seconds looking away, followed by a further twenty minutes on the system.

    For those who exceed the above total period of use (office professional workers or heavy casual users) the recommendation here in Europe is now, twenty minutes continuous use of a system followed by a minimum of four to five minutes away from the workstation and then a further twenty minutes of system use.

    However, eyesight can still be impaired even with the above restrictions in place. The warning symptoms to be aware of are, vision being slightly blurred or seemingly “out of focus” especially when outdoors in daylight. An alternative or second symptom is an aversion to bright light over and above what would be expected in bright sunlight etc. Should anyone incur the foregoing symptoms, then an extended period of time away from any PC or laptop should be observed, (example, three to five days). Should symptoms still continue beyond twenty four to forty eight hours from first being aware of the condition, it is strongly recommended that medical advise is sought at first instance.

    Hope things are looking up for you John.

    Speak the truth, follow right conduct; all else will fall into place.

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    Been out of action health-wise so only catching up John.

    some ten years ago or so I got ops on both eyes to remove cataracts and for the first time since I was 11 did not need glasses except for reading. however I developed Macular Degeneration in the right eye and have it checked annually. So back to glasses again and so far has not got any worse and due for the annual check on Monday 23rd January. So can fully appreciate the way you feel and hope something positive comes along. On a lesser not for both those cataract ops then this macular thing we have the NHS here (!).

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