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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Talking Outback Australia starts reconstruction/ Himalaya Trip continues.

    Good evening all,

    This week just flew by, and boy is it hot on the West Coast for Winter time, 90Degrees eek!

    So I started the redoing and fixing some things on first part of the Merged Route, so far so good, will head south to towards the border of Wadalbavale to Karrah Bay merge point, I need to make some Track connections, and Bridges across the River Etc.

    Adjust some of the Terrain heights to match, widen the River where it goes across the merge points.

    Back in Himalaya land, we are headed up the hill.

    Just chugging along here at 14mph as we leave a wildlife sanctuary.

    Below is a Link to the Sanctuary information, this might be a place I would like to visit someday.


    We stop here for minute and let our passengers pick some fresh fruit and drink on this very warm and humid day.

    We pass some more Quint little houses here.

    Trees are getting thicker here, as we get ready to head a long chug up the hill. Our Grade will jump from 1.5% to as high as 9.5% and I think in one spot it was almost 10%........

    So lots of work to do, but I intend to work on the Himalaya side one I complete the complete route to top of the mountain. I'm starting to get feel of how this Narrow Gauge works and some of the Pinch points and bottlenecks. I also want to try and smooth out some of the heavy Grades going up where possible.

    I think this is it for tonight, thanks for dropping in and I bid you all a good week ahead.

    Night everybody.
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    Wink Himalaya Trip continues up the hill, and repair some more broken assets too..

    Well good evening all,

    West Coast is getting hot, the East Coast is getting blizzard? Crazy weather, so it goes.

    Today I downloaded a few NG items from the Great Sir Slugsmasher.......


    This one below was one of them,

    And some other odds and ends for NG layouts.......

    Took some time and fixed a few more Faulty Assets, and deleted some I could not! You can't save them all, but that's to be expected, it's a known casualty of T:ANE

    Fortunately, I only lost 5 assets, and considering the installation of 35 assets, will put it at an acceptable loss for now.
    Himalaya Route:

    We are starting up a 5% Grade here.

    Some interesting crossing the Road Trackage below, this part of the area I would like to change, especially if we like to move some more Trains on the line.

    Here is an overhead of the same area, showing the sharp cut across the Road.

    We are cutting thru the canyons here headed up some mighty tough grades 3-10% but our little Loco is handling it great. The gorge is deep from the heavy rains that come through the high mountains.

    Try to give you a better view the wonderful canyons and foliage as we continue the climb up this forest.

    We do several cross cuts on the road as we edge up. Not even 1/2 way thru the Route, long ways to go, however we are going 7-14Mph, slow but steady. Look at the flora and fauna masterfully planted by the Route builders, everything looks as natural as one could imagine, I haven't finished this route drive yet, but I can assure this route won't be going anywhere, it's a keeper, I really like it.

    Good night all,

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    Lightbulb Norway The Flaam railway and invasion of the Fireweeds hits my Merge Route

    Good Day all, sometimes,

    I just can't stay out of trouble, yup I did it again, I saw this beautiful Norwegian Layout in the high mountains, so you know what happened next, I downloaded, stopped all my work on the Himalaya for the moment and took the Electric EL17 I think out on a spin thru these awesome mountains and Tunnels.

    Whats also neat, the Author has said, I did as much to this point, now take it add, change to your likes. As well he is taking feedback on it, and will make some more improvements. And this was once a Route in TS-12, which if your interested goto the link and read up for additional info?


    And below is information on the real Railroad, in which I think the Route Author has done a phenomenal job of recreating

    The Flaam railway -

    The historic Flåm Railway (Flåmsbana in Norwegian) passes through wide valley vistas and alongside dramatic waterfalls, and chugs at a leisurely pace through 20 tunnels, some with “windows” carved in the side so passengers don’t miss a beat.
    Starting construction in 1924 after decades of planning, it took more than 15 years to complete the short line, including the steepest grade of any European railway that runs on standard gauge track. Funiculars and miniature railways may rise at more of a slant, but the Flåm line’s five and a half percent grade is hard work for a locomotive, and the payoff is some of the most beautiful fjord landscape in Scandinavia.
    With a grade on this much of a slope, keeping control of the train’s speed is crucial, both going up and coming down. The engine averages around 19 mph (30 km/h) on the downhill trek to Flåm, and tops out at 25 miles an hour (40 km/h) on the way up to Myrdal. You can almost hear the train whispering “I think I can, I think I can…”

    From <http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/f...a-flam-railway>

    I didn't get the best picture here but I tried, as this Route needs the med to high end Computer to handle the high mountain's no matter! I plan on keeping this one too, it's breath taking to me.

    This is Real Picture of Train on the Flam Railway. If I recall, this Loco Electric is 3000Kn, or 4000HP, and it needs all that Hp to get up these high Mountains. And it would seem these are very reliable and well built Locos!

    On another side, I downloaded some new Flora, below, and I think they are really nice to use as accent with other Flora and Fauna. Below is a link for you to see.

    I took some and planted them here to see the effect, and there is supposed to be some more of these type plants TANE compliant as well.


    We come back to Himalaya later on, I want to explore some more on the Flam Railway.

    Have a good day all, and please feel free to comment or post some questions.

    So Long Now
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    Good Evening all,

    Had fun with the oral surgeon,, now better,

    So the other night looking at some additional photos of Narrow Gauge Locos, I came across these interesting Garrets, had never seen these before, but they are most interesting in the way they are articulated. So I have some feelers out to see if they are something worth using?

    I believe these are PWare's Garrets..........

    Next I downloaded this route to experiment and see if I could find out why the Tracks are missing, and one of the Members here was able to give the solution, and it appears the author of this, not necessarily this name here? Put the trackage in a Session, rather than the Route Layer, and that's OK, so I plan on downloading the other Assets on the DSL, and see if one them brings the Tracks into the Route.....Will see what happens and I'll give an update later.

    Now back to "Norway Flaamsbana beta 1" Route, we are high up in the Mountains, headed even higher, amazing, again I have to say the Author of this Route did a phenomenal job on building these Mountain Ranges.

    We continue to up the high mountains making stops along the way to pick up / drop off passengers on small station platforms.

    Once we get to the final Station I found another surprise about the Route, and this is where we leave it for tonight.

    Thanks for visiting, time for me to do some more repairs and see how they work out.

    I bid you all a blessed Sunday.

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    Question Norway Flaamsbana beta 1 Route/Looking for Garret NG Loco Info?

    Good Day all,

    Well it looks like some more needed Rain will come our way as our Rain Season comes towards an end, will gladly take it.

    We are headed up a heavy % Grade here, but have plenty of power in the Loco, 4000HP, and it runs very well.

    I have a lot of changes I would like to make on this route, but will go slow over time to see how it works:

    The first of which is adjust some of Gradients % where practical

    Extend the main line further around the mountains, the end of the Main hits into a mountain, and I think the Author meant to add a Tunnel at the spot? Not sure ( will show the spot later on to you)

    Want to add some Mining and similar operations to add some freight possibilities, of course that probably means a double main line.

    And I might just entertain a NG route in some spots (lots to think about, many possibilities overall?

    Just me thinking out loud here.

    Here is a Tunnel Shot, one of the things I see is it's too narrow for the some of internal curves, however, I think if I double line the Route, that takes care of the tight clearances? Will see.

    There are several Tunnels on this Route, and I like it, the Mountains don't get too disturbed by open access of Tracks. In other areas the open area is in small Fields and Countryside view, it works out very nicely.

    Looking out from here, you can see we are still not at the top of these huge peaks.

    This is one of spots I would like to adjust the Grade %, granted in order to do this the way I would like it, I'll need to take measurements % of the whole line, to see where I can adjust the Grade %'s, I have done this before on first route restrict the excessive high and low spots in Mountainous areas.

    Beautiful sheer Rock Walls and for a very short distance we head into another Tunnel, heading upwards.

    That's about it for now,

    OH, one last thing,

    I need to find out some more info on the Garret NG Locomotives, I don't know where to find them?

    If anyone does I would be grateful for information that you could provide?

    Thanks for dropping in and have a great week.

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    Default Flaam Route Drive continues &Testing 2TE116 on Merge Route

    Good Weds all, got some more Rain, perfect, not too much, not too little, some more today......Even some Sunshine.

    So from the help of Phil Skene and others, I found this nice little Russian Engine to use on my Flaam Route, this is 2TE116, smokey, a little clunky in sound, hey, but that's the way this one is, I watched on You tube link and boy does this one smoke under load, but she is a powerful locomotive, I had to find a pair of replacement bogeys as the original Website was taken down, and she works well with her new set of Shoes (oops, I mean Bogeys). I tested below, Horn and Bell works perfectly, lights too, I would like to see the marker lights in the back lit, but that's beyond my scope for now. While I was testing here in an industrial setting, I found a whole bunch of Tracks missing and missed up from the multiple merges I did on this route, looks like I have plenty to do, LOL

    Below we are backing up to see how the coupler works, how she does on Curves etc. So far so good.

    Reverse move and easing back at 10mph here.

    Almost here, don't want to derail or break anything, I have never operated one of these type engines.

    And the joint is made we are good to go, once we get the air pressure up in the Cars and a break check.

    Switching over to Flaam Route here we continue up, I have a lot of work to do in the tunnels, but I'm seriously thinking of double all the line up to top of mountain, since I add Freight operations too. Some mines, Diesel sites and services within tolerance.

    Oh, boy was this a close one, almost had a head on collision, for whatever reason, I didn't have the switch set to go around this stopped passenger train, I knew he was coming down the hill,,but I would have thought Dispatcher would have set this switch for me. I came within 150' of slamming into him at 20MPH, too darn close for comfort, also lots of this line is Dark Territory as well........Definitely going to add signals on the line to bring up safety!!!!

    Yes I know it cost money, but one bad accident where folks get hurt or tragically killed, can take out a small company like this, and Passenger Revenues are on the rise here, we get more Tourist each year riding this route for the beauty and ruggedness of Scenic lands, so lets do our part and make this route safer for them, and will still make money.

    Ok I have a biz meeting it's time to go.

    Thanks for dropping by folks.
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    Lightbulb Himalaya Trip/ Flamm Track Inspection continues/ Garret Loco Search continues!

    Good Friday evening, been busy with a leaky roof, and other a sundry items to deal with.

    So I downloaded some more NG routes to check out some items of interest and then dispatched them because they turned out not to be what I was looking for, which is OK.

    As far as Garrets, I got some fantastic info from the great minds here in the Forum, so now the search continues for several of the models listed I received. Thank you to those that provided some terrific information.


    In addition to this, I also ripped out some tiles in my Master Merge Australia/English, and Canadian, Narrow Gauge collage. I found some areas while I was poking around that just had too much of height difference and had another piece of a Route that fits a lot better, If I recall I think I merged the North Bay County Route into it, and the fit will work much better, however I might have a few more Tiles to snip off and add there for specific purposes of Rail Realignment, it's going to be a fun project for me to tool up.

    OK so below we are continuing up the Himalaya Route high in the Mountains, I can't believe some of Grade %'s eclipse of 11% in some of the spots. My intention to re align those % lower where possible, or smooth out some of the bumps in the Road ascending upwards.

    Take a look how this area is built for both highway and Rail Traffic here, to be Soil Stable enough when Tropical Rains come in hard, and they do up here.

    I want to reconfigure the way the Rails go here, too many crossing the main Road places going up the hill for my taste.

    I'm also entertaining the thoughts of Short Tunnels here and there too, lots of thinking and planing for changes, won't happen overnight, as I plan on working a little on 2 master merges and 2 NG Routes, and Flaam revamp......

    Yup you guessed I think I have some sprinkles of Attention Deficit Disorder here, LOL.......

    We continue here on the Flaam Route after a near head on collision with Track switch not set correctly, no signal, nothing, and heads are going to roll on this.

    Some one(s) are getting a write up, time off without pay, or worse depending on what the investigation reveals, I do not like it when my Passengers, and the Engineer are put in potential Fatal flawed situation!

    Everyone is Ok in my train, but I know 2 Engineers got the scare of there life a few minutes ago, the Passengers do not know other than some strong braking here on our Train, that something almost went horribly wrong.

    We did a brake check and now we continue our journey northward as we ascend up the Grade. The other Train will now continue down, after we clear the switch and Dispatch clears it for Train holding in the Station.

    Good thing here, the weather is good, we lost about 15 mins from that incident at the Passenger Station.

    I think we covered enough tonight, (I promise I wont be bored) check back in a couple of days, and will see where we are at.

    Have a great weekend all. Thanks for visiting.

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    Smile Playing with Mega Merge Route

    Good Sunday Day all,

    Well as you can see I have been playing with newer an older Relics here, on my Aussie Section of Mega Merge Route, and you also see Log Car13 Derailed error screen on the bottom left of this Photo in white letters?

    So I went and hunted down the Wagon(Car) in question, funny thing is, it wasn't derailed, and was parked on a spur with other cars attached, must be a T:ANE Ghost or it has something to do with a Script running in the background who knows with all the Merging, cutting and re jiggering the Route. That's OK I'll work out the bugs, and I know I should expect it too, as there are some missing Assets I have to find and delete.

    So what I was doing here, I downloaded a DDX40 unit, and SP Black Widow Scheme F-7 I think add to my inventory as I was tooling around on Forum.

    Additional Items of interest:


    I was able to fix some missing Tracks on my Routes using the upgraded Missing Spline Fix from JCitron Thread. And it works great for me .And what a timesavor.....

    Thank you John for the Great idea and article presented on Forum!

    Also came across this really nice route that "dericm" is working on......And am downloading a Section of it to play with, curiosity got the best of me, with My Laptop, I might not be able to run it?

    But that's OK, I want to see what GTW Lines are about, I really don't know that much about them, but I do that dericm is working his tail off prototypicaly speaking to make an awesome route for us to play with!

    Here are the licks below if your interested, the pictures on his site say it all! Magnificent might be an understatement.......




    Just took a spin with these quick Downloads to see if I had any errors, or issues with the way the Smoke emits on these units. They work great in T:ANE and error free!

    I really like this Engine here, I use to see them in Northern California area do freight Operations for Logging Mills etc, I can still remember the loud deep throaty Horn sound they made when they came up to haul Lumber and Boxcar loads, those tracks sadly have been removed except for a tiny area with UP Caboose on Static original Tracks for display, and the ROW is used for Foot Races by the locals into the mountains..Brings back a lot of memories from over 1/2 a century ago!

    Sorry about the error msg in this picture.......I have to go over to another part and see what's going on with those cars!

    Some surprised Aussie Farmers looking at what the heck are these Locomotives coming thru are farmland......LOL

    We are stopped here for a red signal all tracks, until the dispatcher allows us thru.

    That's ok, We had no derailments or Faulty Signal aspects, everything worked as intended, It's been a great day on the Mega Merge Route.

    Have a blessed Sunday all, and thanks for visiting too!

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    Ive been skimming through this and looking at pictures, will this ever be released or is it too huge of a map?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeplaysalotofgames View Post
    Ive been skimming through this and looking at pictures, will this ever be released or is it too huge of a map?
    Well to be honest,

    These are other folks Routes, and I don't have their permission to do that, however I could show how I merged the Routes and what the name of them are to get you started. They are all located on the DLS as far as I know.

    Send me a PM will talk further?

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    Lightbulb Map of my Mega Merged Route

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeplaysalotofgames View Post
    Ive been skimming through this and looking at pictures, will this ever be released or is it too huge of a map?
    Mike I need to apologize here a bit, I did say I can't release the Route, because the individual Routes are other Authors work, but I should have put this Map for you to see what it really looks like.

    Now the Key here as I far as I know all the Routes are still on the DLS, so they can be downloaded and merged to your hearts content?

    If you have more questions, PM or post here, and I be happy to answer them.

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    Smile Playing on the Aussie side

    Good evening all,

    Been busy trying fix some Faulty items and checking some new Ore Cars I downloaded.

    Was fooling around with DDA40X model and it works perfectly.

    These are the BNSF Ore Cars, there Poly count is a little high but I think it will work alright, just testing them out here to see how they do.

    Below is larger picture of the Test yard I was using, and as you see, several tracks are missing here, from the previous merges I made, so I need to re install some trackage here and several other places on the Route. And that's part of doing business with Merges, sometimes things break when you try to put dissimilar Boards together, and sometimes it breaks things when everything is perfect.

    I like this little AlCO here, smokes, and sounds as good as they come.......Sorry I don't have more pics today, but been busy working and its that wonderful time of the year, doing your Taxes, oh so much fun.

    Thanks for coming by, and I bid you a good weekend coming up.

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    Lightbulb Flaam Route Drive continues & Looking into MTW Routes

    Good Friday all,

    It's been a quick week, and much to do. Lots a close friend over last weekend, due to a massive heart attack, ironically I had just spoke with them 4 days earlier.

    So now to Trainz business, we are visiting Flaam Route again as we continue heading up the Mountain, which reminds me, remember the near head on collision we had earlier at the Train Station, well investigation proves out, that it was lack of Communication between dispatchers at shift change, it was not updated about the train meet, so they (new shift) didn't know they had a train meet coming at that location, as well, the Signals didn't operate correctly either, that means we have a mechanical issue as well, like I mentioned, this line needs some additional signaling installed.

    This is the other Train headed down after our meet.

    The sun is setting now, and when have very high mountains like these, then darkness comes up quickly, so we have turned our headlights on to safely drive this darkened area.

    Lots of Tunnels thru this area as we transverse higher!

    Almost pitch black now. You also notice we don't have a lot of trees and it's quite Rocky too.

    Notice we came out of the Canyons, voila, we have more light as we come into a small township. But within another 30 mins will be in complete darkness here.

    I working on a lot of different Routes this week to see what needs to fixed in Faulty and Missing asset department. And decide which routes I don't need to keep.

    Also downloaded GTW routes: see "dericm" on DLS for these Routes

    UPDATE: I went back and looked for another main link for dericm MTW Routes, below is one of them from Jan this year.


    and if you do a forum search using this "GTW Flint Sub" you'll come up with his other Forum Threads for GTW routes of which there are several.

    Here is some information about this route I downloaded earlier in the week,

    Michigan Trainz Routes presents the Grand Trunk Western Flint Subdivision and PH&D Super Route. This has combined two routes as one for over 80 miles of mainline track.

    This route covers from Belsay Yard to Port Huron. This route is to scale with 98% accuracy in the detail, track arrangements, and line side industry. Some creative license has been used here and there and the long S curve into West Tappan is not accurate, but necessary so I did not have to recreate Tunnel Yard and Port Huron from scratch.

    This line does include the operations of the former Michigan Central (NYC) Bay City Branch. This line is a north / south route from Metamora to north of Lapeer, MI which interchanges with the GTW. The line has a few industry to switch.

    On the C&O side, there is the trackage rights coal trains that plowed from McGrew Yard to the PH&D. This continues today with CSX.

    GTW has a small yard on the east side of Flint called Belsay Yard. This yard is not gone and was the main yard before Torrey Yard (not in this route) was built on the west side of Flint to handle the increased automotive traffic.

    GTW towns on the line with industry from west to east are:

    Flint, Belsay, Davison, Lapeer, Imlay City, Capac, Emmett, Goodells, & Port Huron.

    The entire PH&D 1984 Route is included with PH&D Tappan Yard. Also parts of the C&O Port Huron & Bad Axe Subs. The former Pere Marquette Boat yard is where the C&O made up their trains to go north and west out of Port Huron. The Almont Branch is no longer in this version.

    You will need Pofig's Trees, East Coast Trains switch stands and other assets found now on the Erecting Hall Website, JR's content for their Midwest Grain Route, and GFisher's Content, and much more. Please do google searches for Missing KUID's, or goto my forum page for the GTW Flint Sub.

    So grab your throttle and notch up to Run 8 and head to Port Huron on the GTW Flint Sub.

    Michigan Trainz Routes #3 Route.
    These are very nice routes and a lot of work has been put into them!

    Time to run, got lots of other Work I need to do before April 15 (Tax Date) oh what fun.

    Have a great day all, and thanks for visiting here....
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    Thumbs up Working on SP Vert A Pack issues & welcome UP9000 & BN 38-2 Dirty

    Good Sunday Morning to all,

    This week is flying by, and next weekend I head out the colorful Las Vegas Strip, with the Grand Kids, let see if they can win a few V-Ball games?

    So I have been a busy doing stuff here and there, Below is SP Vert A PAC transport for Vega Cars, as you might recall, when I first downloaded it, the T:ANE was not kind to it, we had some lie up issues with both the Box and Floor dimensions, and the Bogey's doing wonky stuff.

    Contacted the Author and he is helping me to reset the dimensions on it, so now the Car itself is setting straight, the problem is now I need to get the Truck dimensions set right, he gave me the figures, but I think I set them incorrectly, as one truck is buried several feet away from front of car, the other one you see here, is not correct on the Rail either!

    LOL, It's OK because it is helping learn some CAD stuff here on X Y Z axis positioning points. (using PEV's attachment maker) Thank you Andi06 RIP for your great efforts!

    The Author had me make 4 new attachment points to the Structure, so I need to tweak the numbers till I get it correct. For me I love to Tinker with stuff so I can learn how it all goes to together, granted it can be frustrating at times, but be tenacious as I am I plan to conquer this one.

    And below here, I was reading some messages here on the Forum, and low and behold I came across a link for UP9000 Steamer, grabbed it and put her in the inventory, nice looking Loco, and she is testing out here in some old trackage, runs beautiful and sounds great, I am so happy to add this to my inventory.

    Man I am in Trainz heaven for sure here, look at the Smoke and Steam coming out with this baby! I can really see how folks fall into love with these Steam Engines, over a period of 1/4 century here in California, every so often I would get to see Santa Fe 3751 running thru the Los Angles to San Bernardino! So cool to see it run thru the area, and horn is awesome.

    Here's a link for a bunch interesting Factoids:


    Just doing a reverse move here to check the ole Girl out, and she is doing perfectly, all gears turning the wheels as intended.

    I like the Red warning light here, nice touch to such a Classic Loco!

    This old boy is filthy dirty, LOL, got this off JR's Freeware section, BN GP38-2, very nicely weathered, and I don't think I have any weathered livery in my Asset inventory? I believe this is my first one for Locos.

    I didn't check this one out yet, I have to do that next, because, I happened to run across some Amtrak MOW Orange units, SW7's and several other items, on DSL site last night, so will show this next once I get them put somewhere else on the layout. Pretty cool items.

    And I 'm seriously thinking about ordering this one, this is pretty good deal, and I like routes like this. Heard a lot of good things about Scratchy's work, and this is only made for T:ANE so it be fantastic, as I only run with T:ANE now! I don't use any of the older Trainz versions, but with that said, there is nothing wrong with them either, as lots of you still build with and use older versions of Trainz. And I respect that.

    That's it for today folks, thanks for dropping in! Wishing you a great week ahead.......

    Product Description
    THIS IS FOR Trainz: A New Era (TANE) Only!

    PRE-ORDER: Delivery on or before 4/20/17. Buy now & save!

    Content Pack Includes: GP9 (High Hood) GP9 (Chop Nose) GP18 (High Hood) New Transfer Caboose
    Shoving Platform, 3 RP&P Passenger Cars,New Log Cars, New Converted Scrap Gondola
    New Coal Hoppers, New Loadouts, New Buildings, New Scenery Items, New Roads

    Plus much more!

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    Talking Little Flaam and bunch of Faulty Asset Repairs in progress!

    Good Day all,

    I have been busy doing that thing called Taxes, now it's behind me, back to the important stuff, Fix my newly downloaded Assets. And while that's in progress:

    Went thru some more Routes deleted the ones I didn't think was worth keeping due to the many Assets it had missing.

    Sorted out all the rest of mu Asset Files into Directory's so if I am missing something I can find it more quickly rather than multitude of files in one directory.

    And the best thing of all, I PER-ORDERED Joint Rails "COAL COUNTRY" Rte, am really excited about it, should come in around the 20th of this month.

    Below is Flaam, we continue heading up to the top of the Mountain Range.

    Recall I mentioned earlier I want to double track this whole or mostly all of the route, if you look below there is plenty of room to add the second Track, however it is going to take some doing to replace the single Electric to dual Line overhead.

    This is pretty steep Grade here as well, I need to realign a lot of the Grades over time too. Won't be board, but it will be exciting to work on to see how it all comes out.

    Back at the Yard here,,I had several GTW 40ft Boxcars that lost their trucks, fortunately I was able to find some suitable replacements. Now their fixed.

    Also had a Gate House that lost it's builtin Tracks took some doing to find some that would work.

    Here we are below, doing some shoves and pulls to check the new Trucks, so far so good.

    I also found tons of little mistakes in my other stuff, like missing {, bad integers, missing horns, Eng specs, Etc, you name it, oh and those Mess errors, so I took some time, and got most of them fixed with the help of PEV, and just plain changing out to similar Parts and Sounds.

    The good part of it, I learning over time how some of this Config.txt is written. And how parts relate to the operation of said Asset.

    A programmer I am not, but a tinkerer I definitely can do and as well get myself in trouble on occasion.
    So it looks like my Truck replacement worked OK here, and all 6 Cars now have there wheels underneath......

    I think that's enough, and thanks for dropping in folks.

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