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    hopper cars

    Just delete the lines in the config. You will see it has "-" where the kuid should be.

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    What Makes a Route Great?

    I have almost all of Phil's old routes running in Tane.
    The older routes are a bit light on scenery, but they are heavy on action and the number

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    Becoming A pain

    Leeferr did upload a lot of his models recently but I don't know if any were originally payware. AFAIK, none of these are illegal copies.

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    Becoming A pain

    If you check the forums you will see that Leeferr has been releasing his old assets for all of us.

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    High Cabs

    I think there was something about this issue in the JR section a couple of years ago, you could try searching there.

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    High Cabs

    I tried placing a interior in a ES44AC loco and it's really high when looking out the window. I tried interiors from Mr. Snow and Mr. Akridge with the

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    The Canadian Thread - Hi-Res images

    RE post 3033: Erik already knows what I think about his work !
    Re post 3034: Thank You very much for your participation in this thread Jessica

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    USA Pics


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    Australian screenshots

    Thanks Stefan for the tip.

    You've triggered my mind to another TS12 route that had designated lines. I'd forgotten about it but It was called

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    USA Pics

    Now I'm going to have to look up some photos of that area in the 70s, as thats the next town over from my hometown.

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    The Canadian Thread - Hi-Res images


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    Australian screenshots

    Have you tried setting your train to one priority and all other trains to another priority, then say if your train is priority one then set the trigger

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