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    Attention Trainz Route builders...(cross post)

    Friends, by chance I discovered a video that might be very helpful to those who design routes, and posted a link to the video in the "Content Creation"

    mjolnir Today, 04:46 AM Go to last post

    NS Office car special?

    There are NS cars at Peter's Trainz and with the payware N&W 611 at K&L Trainz. They say N&W and NS on them. I wonder why Peter and Steve

    rwk Yesterday, 11:06 PM Go to last post

    What is TUME and New Assets

    Tume is actually the creator of all the MILW assets in TANE, and also the Season Town assets. If he's the one that made those streetcars (I believe he

    lego207 Yesterday, 11:03 PM Go to last post

    What is TUME and New Assets

    In T-ANE, I noticed a lot of assets with TUME in the description and the assets seem pretty good. Just wondering who is creating theses assets?

    paperpusher Yesterday, 10:45 PM Go to last post

    Need some help please?

    Did you get an order confirmation email from SimCen? If not, then your order has not been processed correctly. If you did, you should get a prompt to

    Vostrail Yesterday, 10:01 PM Go to last post

    Trainz: A New Era Changing Engine Sounds

    -Changing engine sounds and horns is easy. Not quite sure if you can edit built-in assets but you can always clone them and try that way.

    socalwb909 Yesterday, 09:44 PM Go to last post
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    Show off your reskins!

    Very nice reskin Taylor...you got a PM.

    Rail4Pete Today, 07:49 AM Go to last post

    Australian screenshots

    Yes mate. Zec beta.

    Pretty sure 1961-1990ish the CS and the DS were on the gauge.

    Can't remember if I posted this or not

    H222 Today, 07:44 AM Go to last post

    Screenshots of European Trains

    Great shots from everybody, as usual .

    ekankal Today, 07:28 AM Go to last post

    Australian screenshots

    The L class was Zec's beta from long ago, Zec hasn't abandoned the project but isn't working on it.
    Jamie= It's more fictional I did put Bradford

    Stefmiz Today, 07:18 AM Go to last post

    USA Pics

    Wait, MARC is getting those monstrosities too?

    The model looks good, but unfortunately I can't give my opinion on the prototype because

    simulatortrain Today, 07:11 AM Go to last post

    Australian screenshots

    H222 is that an L class hiding in the background =

    NSWGR_46Class Today, 07:03 AM Go to last post