Create simple reopenable session instructions for TS12 (and TS2010)

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Creating in game instructions like Philskene routes and sessions had in ts2010 isn't that hard to add to TS12 sessions as well. You can use the following setup for any session you want to add driving, or other instructions to, but in the next example I use the PO&N route for TS12 and the first of its three sessions currently available.

First start with creating a html asset in the CMP with only the default options filled and name it something like "PON sessions HTML" for Port Ogden & Northern TS12 for instance. Then open up its folder (ctrl-shift-e in CMP).

Copy the instructions from each session for this route to a seperate notepad instance. Put html code round the text provided and save with *.html extension to the html asset folder you've just created, naming them something like po12session1.html, 2 and 3.

Only use very simple html tags, trainz only understands a few:
<b>Chuck and Joe, Dispatcher here.</b><br><br>
<p>Load the flats with lumber at the mill, Ind Chippewa Falls 01, and the log cars with logs at the log pond, Ind Chippewa Falls 03.</p><br>
<p>Head east to Port Ogden. Unload the lumber at the Timber Wharf, Ind Port Ogden Timber 03. Leave the flats there.</p><br>
<p>Unload the logs at the upper level, Ogden South, at the lumber plant, Ind Ogden South Lumber 02.</p><br>
<p>Reload the log cars with containers at the container depot, Ind Ogden South Container. Unload them back at Ogden, Ind Ogden Container Depot 02.</p><br>
<p>Sign off at Ogden Loco.</p><br>
<p>Class 1 railroad trains will be heading westwards on the main line. You must give them priority at all squeeze points.</p><br>
<p>Dispatcher out.</p>
When you're done, close the folder and the CCP, if that's open still, after saving and commit the html asset.

Now for the fun part, start up trainz and 'open for edit' a session you've added a html file for.
Open the session edit menu and after the quickdrive rules add the 'Display HTML Pages' and 'Set HTML Pages' rules.

An image is easier then lengthy explanations, so with the above named example the filling in goes as follows
a.] for the Display HTML Pages rule

Note, you need to press Add Page first before you can enter the HTML asset and specific *.html file names. Also for the last you don't fill in the extension. (e.g. .html)

b.] for the Set HTML Pages rule

Now the only thing to do is save the session. I personally add the word text to the session name to leave the original alone, but that's up to you.

Hope this was usefull for future use.




  1. ish6's Avatar
    Thanks Jan for this - It's a very useful guideline now that i will be experimenting with HTML and rules on a demo layout to showcase my marsz creations, etc!

    Well done!
  2. alancon's Avatar
    Hmmm - so does that mean I need both a "Display HTML Rules" and a "Set HTML Pages" rule for every time I want to display an HTML file in a single session (even if the HTML displays are sequentially arranged in the session)
  3. Jananton's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by alancon
    Hmmm - so does that mean I need both a "Display HTML Rules" and a "Set HTML Pages" rule for every time I want to display an HTML file in a single session (even if the HTML displays are sequentially arranged in the session)
    Well, the above is mainly to create one session description file that contains instructions on how to reach the goals you're intended to accomplish in a session and that can be brought up time after time if needed.
    Creating more then one html instruction file is a bit more elaborate and something I never felt the need for up till now. However, if you need more then one file the 'Display HTML Pages' rule can contain more then one html file obviously, so I'm inclined to say you only need one of those. How you want to display the html files after the first depends on how you want them to show up during the session. How to do this and what to watch out for is very nicely described by pware in this thread and I advise you to have a look at that one.

    Greetings from sunny Amsterdam,