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The Lighter Side of Alberte

Playing With Fire

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  1. joosten's Avatar
    Alberte what is your wife thinking of you same like mine or worse?
    que onda hombre

  2. zatovisualworks's Avatar
    I bet mine worse, dear Roy! Thanks for coming into this humble smiling corner and comment.

    I can't copy and paste the last comment from my dear due to censorship reasons and much.

    Stay tuned and have a nice Sunday.

  3. Euphod's Avatar
    I have a feeling the sulfur smell was coming from coming from somewhere else...


  4. zatovisualworks's Avatar
    That's another funny smelling story, dear friend Ed... coming from coming from coming from a bean-based meal!

    The lighter than air side of
    Updated March 25th, 2012 at 12:29 AM by zatovisualworks (Ventilator blues)
  5. H222's Avatar
    Young Mr Zato, it is great to see you back. You're sides were also missed dearly

    The welcoming-back side of Jamie
  6. mezzoprezzo's Avatar
    Welcome back Alberte.

    There's always a place for some Trainz based humour in this Forum.

    Your right hand picture suggests to me that you should never light a match after a beanz based meal!

    Best regards.
  7. zatovisualworks's Avatar
    My dear Casper and Jamie,

    Thank you for your welcoming back messages. I appreciate them a lot. Coming back is a hard task after a long break. You feel a bit dizzy as if you are on top of the Eiffel Tower with no parachute but your dumbo ears and everybody down there waving and encouraging you to jump.

    As I mention on another comment I'm staying on the blogging side -a great idea fromn N3VF41Lers- since it seems to be much less urging and timeless perennial than the stressing side of the Forums where you need to type what is needed to be typed and nothing less, leaving less space to imagination and visuality, my aquatic element.

    Yesssssssssssssssssssss, my trainzy side has always been a helping humouristic one and that's going to remain the same. Even though I can't light a match after a bean based trainzy session with my new reddish multiplaying mate...

    Drop a line from time to time, dear trainzy friends.

    The bean based side of Alberte
    Updated March 27th, 2012 at 09:46 AM by zatovisualworks (Those who haven't ever typed wrongly are allowed to throw the first and only stone :P)
  8. Retro00064's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mezzoprezzo
    Your right hand picture suggests to me that you should never light a match after a beanz based meal!

    Best regards.

    Keep up the great blog posts, Alberte. I can smell the aroma of good humor from this post and its comments.