Politics and Trainz: What's the connection?

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What's the connection? The answer: AMTRAK. Amtrak content is available for download and included in Trainz 12 (Northeast Corridor). The government funds the national passenger carrier, but they don't seem to notice that there's been an increase in ridership recently and should begin noticing that more and more people are taking train than car or planes. Our representatives need to increase the budget given to Amtrak in order for Amtrak to order new equipment to not only replace old outdated equipment, but new equipment to meet the increase in ridership. Let's hope that they will do something to help out Amtrak instead of hindering it's growth.
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  1. JohnnyC1's Avatar
    According to the various Trains magazines, it looks like the Republicans, as a general rule, do not favor funding Amtrak, one of the presidential hopefuls even went on to say that he will get rid of that agency.