• Trainz Driver - Power in your Pocket! ... ( Trainz on your smart phone ) - RELEASED on iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android Phones!

    Trainz Driver is now available on iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android Phones!

    Trainz has been customized for smart phones with all new controls, new on screen navigation markers and a mix of Simulation and Arcade sessions created for "on-the-move" game play.

    Pack more "Power in your Pocket" and grab your copy now by clicking on either the big silver apple or the little green Android below!

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    1. Pencil42's Avatar
      Pencil42 -
      Sounds cool! Any chance of Windows Phone support? ;-)

    1. nickelplateroad's Avatar
      nickelplateroad -
      Any phone or only apple?

    1. butter's Avatar
      butter -
      An assumption would be only apple; as the train is coming out of an Iphone but its hard to guess.
    1. nickelplateroad's Avatar
      nickelplateroad -
      Apple????? Why not about other any phone???? Cause, my phone HTC....
    1. samplaire's Avatar
      samplaire -
      I guess it will be android & iphone because both of the platforms are supported already.
    1. idomi4s's Avatar
      idomi4s -
      lol look at under the loco in the picture where the rails are laying ... its seems to me an iphone... I have 4s , so hopefully trainz will be in my pocket soon.. My first trainz set was a huge fail on iphone, but I think Trainz Driver will be great. ps I agree with @samplaire .
    1. jkuhn's Avatar
      jkuhn -
      a Windows Phone,would be great to have on it!
    1. twarner's Avatar
      twarner -
      Another request for Windows Phone support
    1. NewYorkCentral's Avatar
      NewYorkCentral -
      What about on a Verizon phone too?
    1. Davie_UCF's Avatar
      Davie_UCF -
      Android? Yay?!
    1. amtrak2041864's Avatar
      amtrak2041864 -
      I cannot wait!!!!!
    1. thebigL's Avatar
      thebigL -
      Quote:"Trainz has been customized for the 3.5" screen".
      Bit of a giveaway there ;-)
    1. cam_jp's Avatar
      cam_jp -
      Surely there will be an Android version otherwise most of the potential customers would be lost... surely.

      If I can manage it on my Xperia I will be very happy.
    1. Cratey's Avatar
      Cratey -
      Trainz Driver will be released on iPhone first, followed shortly by Android devices.
    1. twarner's Avatar
      twarner -
      Quote Originally Posted by Cratey View Post
      Trainz Driver will be released on iPhone first, followed shortly by Android devices.
      And Windows Phones ???
    1. jkuhn's Avatar
      jkuhn -
      PLEASE ALLOW WINDOWS PHONE SUPPORT!! I will pay extra,seriously!
    1. boyerm25's Avatar
      boyerm25 -
      A: Will it work on the IPHONE 3GS, because I know MFTS doesn't.
      B: I am not allowed on the countdown page (stupid website restrictions), so when is this coming out, may I ask?
      And, why couldn't I comment on this when the first post was here?
    1. Tony_Hilliam's Avatar
      Tony_Hilliam -
      Release date for iPhone 3GS+ (includes all iPads) is on this page ... (Hint - look closely at the image above)
      Release date for Android (and min spec) - To be determined next week (but not far away).
      Windows Phones users - please get 100 million more users in a hurry
    1. Davie_UCF's Avatar
      Davie_UCF -
      Ah still early days then? I had wondered why on Google play it said Trainz was incompatible with my device.. (Xperia S, ICS)
    1. Pencil42's Avatar
      Pencil42 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tony_Hilliam View Post
      Windows Phones users - please get 100 million more users in a hurry
      So picky :-)
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