• Trainz Driver 2016 now available

    Trainz Driver 2016
    Feel the power, take the drive!
    Explore hundreds of miles of realistic rail networks as Driver or Operator controlling 30 different locomotives across 4 enormous routes including the full 393-mile London-Edinburgh Mainline, or the mountainous Hinton Division route in West Virginia circa 1950.

    Trainz Driver 2016 provides the same Routes, Sessions and driving experience as the full "Trainz A New Era" version, but at a lower price. This gives users access to all the driving and operations aspects of "Trainz: A New Era - Service Pack 1 Edition" but does not include the Surveyor, Test Track, Content Manager or Download Station components. DLC items purchased for TANE will work in TD2016 and vice versa.

    Buy now and receive a 50% TANE Discount code if you decide to upgrade to the full suite of world building tools at any time in the next 12 months.

    TANE SP1 "Hotfix 1" Beta Announced

    For all our existing TANE owners - make sure you check out
    the latest Beta Testing Announcement here.
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    1. sawstopuser's Avatar
      sawstopuser -
      When will this be available for the Mac - do not see it in the app store yet.
    1. stublands456's Avatar
      stublands456 -
      Downloaded Trainz Driver 2016 unable to install get message that patch is not available can you help please.
    1. nickelplateroad's Avatar
      nickelplateroad -
      Able to Google Play?
    1. ccampiglia's Avatar
      ccampiglia -
      Purchased and installed TD2016 on my Mac Book Air from the App Store. The app crashes every time I click "Start Trainz" from the launch menu. Please help!
    1. railroador's Avatar
      railroador -
      How do you edit loco/ rolling stock properties whilst in a session?