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  1. Here goes nothin'...

    I'm driving my old TR 3802 reskin and I'm like

    the heck

    how could I ever consider this upload worthy


    Quote Originally Posted by RHKluckhohn View Post
    FDL12 Fond Du Lac route version 7 is released and approved, to be available within the day.

    This is, I hope, the final version. In the last month I installed it on my laptop from the DLS and was embarrassed to find a missing street crossing in Fond Du Lac. It was an LP generic, now replaced by a different 2-lane. I expect most users have probably made some sort of substitution themselves. The Mayville crossings have mostly been ATLS'd along with the Route 67 crossing at Jones' Switch.
  3. Update

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    Hi all. I came back here.
    Although it's been quite a lot of time, I decided not to throw this case, and still finish before the end.
    In fact, everything is ready (including the different cells of congresses, etc.), but there are problems with the baking of textures and testing.

    That's the way it looks in the simulator (Yes, you need to enable the screen brightness to maximum):

  4. Update!

    Quote Originally Posted by car112 View Post
    Wow, it has been awhile since I've updated this thread. But, I have some news and a few questions.

    1. Branch Ave and Suitland stations have been updated a bit, adding those AJS walls with windows on them to the station makes them look so pleasing. Naylor Road and Congress Heights are still fine and dandy but they are both still a work in progress. As for Southern Ave station, I have added two escalators and two elevators to the station. There will be screenshots of the route when I
  5. Premetro Island Station <kuid:112820:26025>

    I've had enough. I am unable to download or find a cdp file of this asset. We all know that the asset "premetro station" by cosey works perfectly well. However, the "premetro island station" asset is rare to find. I think it could be very useful for my subway routes in Trainz 2012. That's not the case in my opinion. In TS2010, it showed that the asset was on the DLS but had only 0 bytes. How could an asset have 0 bytes? In TS2012, it was in an unknown location and then I deleted ...
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